DeMarco Murray’s Heart is Stone

Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I talked earlier about how the Eagles/Cowboys rivalry doesn’t seem to – at times – mean as much to the players anymore. One player it should definitely mean something to is DeMarco Murray, who is not only facing the Eagles’ biggest rival but his former team. So, does he feel a certain way about it?

“Not at all. Not from my end, at least. This is a true business. I’m very emotionless when it comes to a lot of things, especially the business side. I understand the business aspect of the NFL. It’s all about finding guys who are right for your system. I feel like I’m here and this is the best place for me. This is where I want to be and this is the team that wanted me …

This is just another opponent. I’m not looking at the guys or the coaches. This is another opponent that we’re facing. It’s a huge challenge. I’m excited for the opportunity to go out there and play in front of our fans.”

Not an itch. Not an emotion. Not a drive. Not even an “it’ll feel weird.” DeMarco Murray is dead inside.


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  1. Can’t wait. How you loser eagle fans gonna feel when you team is 0-2? Y’all will always be a bunch of losers. Never win a Super Bowl like MY BOYZZZZZZZ

    1. It pains me to say it, but I’d rather live in an LC Home in the Chester suburbs than in Coatesville. What a dump that city is.

    2. This coastville cowboy dope always comes out of the woodwork every time they play. It’s going be crickets Monday morning tho lol

    3. Don’t care if he gets 250 yards, provided the eagles lose. Hearing the pain and agony of fans in this town makes me happy.


      1. Croydon- Come run your mouth at the Linc Sunday so you we can show you pain and agony first hand, you traitorous piece of shit. Seriously, wear your Cowboys gear to the Linc parking lot and run your mouth like you do on here this Sunday. Please.

    4. Isn’t it ironic where all these cowboy losers live: Coatesville, Croydon. Where you from Cowbody Dave? Colwyn?

  2. Romo will toast the Eagles poor secondary, with passes to the running backs coming out of the backfield like they did against the Giants. Also watch out for Cole Beasley to have a big game in the slot. Randle should be to rush for more than 60 yards to keep the Eagles off balance. Romo will have a huge game against the Eagles on Sunday. Final : Cowboys 33 Eagles 20. How About Them Cowboys Super Bowl Bound! I NFC East Champs

    We Dem Boys!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’ve met “cowboy dave”, he works at various wawa’s across delco, my guess is that he’s from Chester or Darby

    1. I think this marks and first (and only) time anymore ever tried to taunt people with the threat of Cole Beasley.

  3. I call BS. He is just smart enough to not give the cowgirls any quotes to use against him. Just based on his Sunday night football commercial piece he cares. He is playing the media into his hand, which is to stay quiet and uncontroversial. We saw it with the Shady comments and now with Dallas. He let some of his true colors shine with the commercial. I bet he has spent a lot of time talking to Chip about Dallas coverages and game plans

      1. As an extremely gay male I am torn regarding the debate. I am very much a fiscal conservative and believe in a powerful military. But I also love C0CK and the religious right wants to destroy my lifestyle. However, I don’t believe they will ever take away marriage equality or ban abortion so my vote goes to Mr. Trump. Let’s get rich !

        1. I’m with you on Trump and the queer stuff Bob! Trump got gobs (get it, gobs?) of money from his daddy too! I then pulled myself up by my tattooed bootstraps!

    1. When Rand Paul is the sanest one on foreign policy it makes ya wonder…

      Anyone else find it funny that they debated US weakness on Iran in the Reagan (Iran-Contra, let’s make a deal with the theocrats library?). First as tragedy then as farce.

  4. Even without Dez Bryant, the Eagles very overrated defense will be no match for Tony Romo carving up their secondary like a thanksgiving turkey with Jason Witten Gavin Escobar Terrance Williams Colt Beasley and our running backs out of the backfield catching passes.

    Cowboys 31
    Eagles 24

  5. Don’t bet too much of your welfare check on that skippy. I’d hate to see you lose your Section 8 housing in Bristol

  6. Murray is like that hit man in ” No Country For Old Men”…he sees people as chess pieces…obstacles…that’s what the CIA teaches. I’m from Chester Pa. Delco. Fuck all you condescending snobs who live in your Mcmansions eating hot dogs.
    When the World Bank ups the interest rates today at 2pm…..good luck with the original crap game….your 401K

    1. It’s nothing but a bunch of West Deptford and NE Philly hicks who comment here. They frontin’. Except for the blog owner he’s from that sophisticated world capital Trevose PA.

      Interest rates unchanged. Believe this: Alex Jones is not your friend.

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