Fairly Certain DeSean Jaccson Doesn’t Know His Quarterback’s Name

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_02-40-00_PM

Is that Kirk Cousins or Kurt, DeShad? I know ck was the first victim, but now rk, too?!

Vine after the jump.

Gonna be a great year for the Redskins.

H/T to Les Bowen for a useful Tweet


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  1. McCoy, Jackson, Utley. These guys don’t play for Philly teams anymore. Enough! No one fucking cares. You call this a Philly blog, so logic would dictate you will post about Philly sports. So do it.

  2. Ima call that fucker Lesean all goddamn season and see how his uppity no name knowing ass feels about it.

  3. I charge $10 for 50 cent s worth of beer, $40 for a parking space and full price for a ticket to a preseason game that 3rd stringers get most of the playing time…….and people call you Eagles fans stupid?…………lmao…….enjoy my windmills , dopes!

  4. Redskins is racists. Dey make a honkey tha QB? Jus becuz Griffin is blacc. I’m outraged at this.

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