Falcons Safety Fined for Helmet-to-Helmet hit on Jordan Matthews, Which Went Unpenalized

Jordan Matthews caught a pass and took a pretty hard [editor’s note: vicious and illegal] helmet-to-helmet hit that he sprung right up from. Here’s the hit:


Matthews was already wrapped up and going down when Falcons safety William Moore popped him. Moore has been fined $23,000 for the hit, but as you can see above, JMatt ain’t staying down for no one, unless he gets concussed and doesn’t know where he is. Then he’ll probably stay down. Or wander aimlessly. FOOTBALL.

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14 Responses

  1. Those ref’s sucked dirty salty balls in that Falcons game. Hope they all get the clap.

    1. hey I may be really fat and have a boring cheeseball radio voice…. but at least your talking about me, I love that. Now im off to the Golden Corral for a 6 hour all you can eat food marathon.

    2. Right–it’s always the refs fault when they lose fucking sheeeeeeepppppp. Not China Doll’s two INTs, Matthews clank hands or “We’re a running team’s” less than 50 yards…Refs….sure fucksticks.
      FUCK OFF

      1. Hey Reality you’re invited to go suck some salty balls along with the Refs and Josh Innes so please indulge yourself and then fuck right off

    3. I bet those refs were paid off by Vegas bec 92% of money was on the birds. In my opinion , those calls were shady and cosy the Eagles the games. Like I used to do for mob

  2. Kill – Marry – Fu@k

    Josh Innes
    John Johnson
    Steve Trevelise

    Kill – Steve Trevelise
    Fu@k – Josh Innes
    Marry – John Johnson

    Sorry Joshy Poo

    1. That was literally THE WORST F-M-K in the history of the world. Plus, we know it was you Bob.

      Kyle: This site sucks even worse now. Fuck you and fire Jim already you bitch.

  3. Saw that when it happened and couldn’t believe it wasn’t called. Pretty much the definition of a helmet to helmet hit.

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