Here Is Jason Pierre-Paul’s Nasty Hand

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Didn’t put this is as the featured (top) image because I’m not sure you’re ready for it. Are you ready for it? It’s super gross. Are you sure? Fine, here:

If you didn’t know not to hold fireworks in your hand before, you do now.

Kyle: GODDAMN. Could you imagine being a quarterback and seeing that coming at your mask? GAh-rOss. Throw it away! Throw it away!


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    1. Called the falcons loss three months ago Fuck Jeff lurie’s midnight green Flaming eagles eat it Jeffy

  1. I feel bad for anyone who loses a body part. But man, what a stupid way to do it. I guess people from inner cities don’t know how to play with fireworks. You put the M80 on the ground, light it, and run….

  2. I wish Jim put a firework in his hand. Then hopefully we won’t have to read the shit he throws on this site. Drink bleach Jim.

      1. Give MCW a dollhouse and toy oven and she follow you everywhere.

  3. Grade time:

    Angelo – A creepy grandpa oogles 19 year old skanks while a divorced old man babbles in a trashy New England accent as Josh Innes girlfriend rolls her eyes and pretends she’s OK with her life. Keith Jones can be funny, though. D-
    Gargano-Good sports knowledge with fun interplay. Make hokey sound effects work. Have all but eliminated MCW except for her comical attempt read updates. Not afraid to make fun of Gargano’s goomba personality and slobbering of athletes/Baldy. B+

    Mike & Ike – A guy who is 10 years removed from his TV prime and a halfway decent football mind combine to make an unbearable show. Barkann’s energy doesn’t translate to radio. He’s a fine facilitater on TV and is a likable enough guy. But his knowledge is weak. Ike knows football and little else. D
    Rob & Harry – Not exactly stuff that will get you excited, but good sports talk is good sports talk. Both dudes aren’t trolls. Just like talking sports. Keep it moving. A-

    Innes – An unbelievable talentless fat slob of a hack that is an insult to humanity, let alone Philly sports radio. If you ever wondered what happened if that dopey fat kid from high school was allowed to talk on the radio, well, here’s your chance. Hollis and Spike bring nothing to do the table. F
    Miss – Over a decade removed from his prime, this stale can of hair dye is still doing his show from the 90’s, allbeit a lazy version of it. Too often veers into politics and culture, always without perspective. Sports takes are fine. Personality is smug and detestable. Sad that he tries to act 3 decades younger than he is. Sidekick Martinez is a useless lapdog. D+

    Sludge – Saved by Leading Off and the Phillies. Otherwise his horrendous personality and grating voice would be on display. A complete nobody who came from nowhere and will never move post what he’s doing right now. Only has his job because he sucked up to Innes and Innes gets whatever he wants from Andy Bloom. D-
    Joe D – Annoying and goes on boring rants too often, but knowledgeable and sticks to sports. Has good interviews with writers. Good broadcaster. Doesn’t appear to have a huge ego. Maybe there’s hope. B

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