I Have Absolutely No Idea How To React To This Photo of Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper’s  birthday was yesterday. Someone sent him a singing telegram. A banana, to be exact. I have absolutely no idea how to react to the photo. The buck head, the trashy apartment, the picture of Pamela Anderson on the wall, THE BANANA. So much to absorb.

pic via anonymous tipster


40 Responses

  1. You have s weird fascination with that guy. Just admit it…you’re in love with him. He’s hot. No shame.

  2. Let’s see. He likes to hunt. Someone sent him a gag gift. Pam Anderson was and may still be hot. And I’m sure his “apartment” isn’t trashy considering his 20+ million contract

  3. Looks like the guy was about to eat dinner, although a very large dinner does he have a roommate? But then this Giant Banana person came walking in to wish him a happy birthday. BTW i’m a pretty big neat freak and aside from the food on the table his place looks fine, not trashy at all

  4. Yeah, right! We all know how you reacted. You fantasized about his banana being up your ass and then your mouth!

    1. I knew it. That Asian chick is a front. Is that why you got rid of Banner? He didn’t want to pitch anymore? Threw Howie out and Chip is now #2. You’re so obvious.

  5. I’m going to guess the takeout order of food is a turkey club in the styrofoam container, a 20-piece teriyaki wings in the aluminum foil bin, and a pizza steak in the aluminum foil. What I can’t guess is why is the happy bday ballon already flat and why is his Halloween decorations already up? He has pumpkins on the end table and a Halloween wreath on the wall.

  6. There’s Cooper being racist again. A singing banana? The only thing worse would be a gorilla!

  7. She’s naked under the banana suit and I guarantee Coop busted multiple nuts on her before the night was through, then feasted on his buffalo chicken cheesesteak and purple creatine supplement shakes.

    1. Is she wearing surgical gloves? Bet she milked him. He’s a freak, I think that much is obvious.

  8. Ol’ coop coulda just used this to diffuse the whole kenny chesney concert situation. Maybe it was sent to him by the bouncer from the concert. A banana that big definitely would have gotten him backstage.

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