It’s Dumb that the Phillies Are Trying to Get Maikel Franco Back this Season

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It’s been just about a month since Maikel Franco suffered a non-broken broken wrist when he took a fastball to his hand and fell to the ground in pain. The Phillies have 22 games remaining in their season, and they want to bring Franco back before this year’s finale. That’s stupid.

murphy lawrence

Both David Murphy and Ryan Lawrence displayed something on Twitter that the Phillies seem to have a lack of: Common sense. Franco is your best young star (non-pitcher category) and has already committed to playing winter ball to keep loose/get better in the off-season. It’s not like he doesn’t improve the team. From Lawrence’s report:

The Phillies are 22-40 (.355 winning percentage) in the 62 games they’ve played without Franco (before he was called up from Triple A on May 15, and after he was hurt). With Franco healthy and available, the Phillies are 32-46 (.410 winning percentage).

The Phillies are averaging 3.52 runs per game without Franco and 4.09 runs per game with him. The National League average for runs per game is 4.13.

Still below average, but obviously better. However, it doesn’t matter. This team isn’t going to win anything other than the futility award for the worst team in baseball. They’re already been eliminated from playoff contention. And Franco is perhaps your best shot at a superstar currently on your roster, so why rush him? Why put him back into meaningless baseball games with a wrist that, while pain-free, might still be susceptible to re-injury (cough cough Joel Embiid cough). The return of Franco isn’t going to fill the stands are the scorecard, so just hold him out until next season, when he probably won’t be playing for anything either, but we can pretend he is for about half the season.


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  1. Knock, knock
    who’s there?
    Croydon who?
    Croydon dentist.

    ha, ha, ha. now that’s a funny joke because there is no such thing as a dentist in Croydon. There’s less teeth there than in Kensington.
    cowboys suck.

  2. I think its totally to try and get people to the Park. Will it “fill the stands”? Of course it won’t, but it’ll be a reason to go. This last few weeks…man it’s going to be brutally empty down there. This Braves series, wow, I didn’t think they could be WORSE than the Braves right now.

  3. Look at that last “statement.” I can’t even call it a sentence. Typical Jimbo. Way too many commas, run-on sentence, and (oh yeah) makes zero sense at all.

  4. I dont think anyone is in favor of rushing him back. Including the Phillies, but if hes healthy you play him. Phillies arent going to be good for years should we just play him sparingly to keep him in practice but lessen his chance of injury. No you play him when hes able. And your wrong he does bring people to the games. I have went to a game for the first time in 3 years to see him and Nola. He especially helps in tv ratings. Everday I flick to the Phillies game to see where they are in the lineup. If theres a chance he might come up Ill wait, if not or if someone other then Nola is pitching Ill change the channel.

    Its not like its a ligament or hand/foot. Its a wrist you cant really mess up a wrist much. Once its healed its healed, and if you do break it again big deal its just a wrist.

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