Jayson Werth, Liar, Piles On

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jayson Werth and his Washington Nationals have had the Phillies’ number lately. Really, all teams have, but Werth never passes up an opportunity to shit-talk the team that propped him up enough to cash in way over his value. Of the state of the team lately, Werth said:

“It’s definitely different now, a lot more empty seats. I didn’t know the seats were blue. It’s kind of sad, really. I feel bad for Ryan [Howard] and [Carlos Ruiz].”

Okay, I’ll admit, it is a bit sad. And I do feel bad for Howard and Chooch, but you knew those seats were blue, dude. Maybe I’m being nit-picky here – I definitely am, and I know he was joking – but this is definitely a “kick them when they’re down” situation. He had at least one plate appearance, as a Phillie, at Citizens Bank Park, in 268 games. I looked it up. It would be fair to assume in that case that he took home batting practice (and warmed up) in a nearly-empty park 268 times, surrounded by obviously blue seats. Get the hell out of here, Jayson, you know what color those seats are.

Jesus Christ, the Phillies are so bad they got me mad at someone making a seat color joke. Make this season end.


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  1. nothing he said is wrong here a$$clown.
    It is a sad state and by him saying he didn’t know what the color of the seats are is actually a compliment because he’s referring to how great it was to play here during those winning years.

  2. Jimbo,

    Should you be out getting a real job and trying to move out of your parents basement?..This article is a waste of time.You are becoming the Sean Brace of CB..

  3. The 3 worst people in the world:

    1) Josh Innes
    2) Steve Mason Elite NHL Goalie
    3) Jim
    4) Bob – not gay version

    I added a 4th because this is America and I can do what I want

  4. the dude got paid. but his 9hrs this year, and the fact that his team will miss the playoffs, and the fact that they have underachieved the last few years makes me smile.

  5. Im done with this site. Jayson “edge” Werth is a phillie legend and didnt say anything untruthful. Pure click bait. BYE

  6. Cornelius should feel phucking sorry for the phans. That big piece of phucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk machine is making $25 million.

  7. Jim. How the fuck are you employed with werthless (see what I did there) articles like this? Come home ane bang me

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