Jeremy Maclin says He Wanted to be the Best Receiver in Eagles History, but the Chiefs Just Wanted Him More

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Of all of the players who were Eagles last year but aren’t this year, Jeremy Maclin is probably the quietest. Many have spoken out about being former Eagles and Chip Kelly, while Maclin has remained mum on the topic. But in yesterday’s Kansas City Star, Maclin spoke of his former team and former coach with a little less vitriol than others have mustered. Instead of being mad about something, Maclin mostly seems a little bummed:

“It was tough, man; I had established a lot of relationships there and had become very comfortable up there. I kind of wanted to be remembered as being the greatest receiver ever to play there.”

But his guardian, Jeff Parres, isn’t as kind. “The bottom line is I think they tried to take advantage of his good nature,” Parres told the Star. “They knew he wanted to stay and there was really no reason they didn’t want him to stay, and they tried to take advantage of him.” Parres specifically has an issue with the post-deal perception that Maclin left for more money in Kansas City. According to the Star, in the midst of negotiations, “the Eagles called and countered by shifting money from year three of their offer to year two — which contrary to Kelly and published reports made it close enough to the same deal Maclin was offered with the Chiefs that Maclin was ready to stay.” But Andy Reid called him directly and convinced Maclin that he was more wanted with Big Red.

I can just imagine Stephen A. now: “I do not KNOW Chip Kelly. I have said this many times, Skip. And I do not WANT to know him. But how can you not GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to bring Jeremy Maclin back [incredibly long pause] but RILEY COOPER is still on your team. EXPLAIN THAT to ME SKIP. I’m not saying he’s racist, I’m JUST saying.”


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  1. Didn’t the eagles only offer him like $1 Mil less per year than the Chiefs?

    Seems like a pretty good offer that would show they wanted him.

  2. In what way did they “take advantage” of him? Am I missing something? Basically they offered him almost as much money and he felt more wanted by the Chiefs, I think the offer shows they did want him and he’s just too soft and emotional and needed to not just be over paid but also coddled and told how much they love him. I just don’t see how that’s taking advantage of him. This dudes a bitch I’m glad his gone now

  3. Now look here Skip I’ve never been in this situation before but your gonna sit there and try to explain to me and I just can’t agree. I’ve never met the man but I can guarantee that he is a racist. If you don’t believe me just ask around the league. I’m really good friends…best friends…with these players alright I get them I grew up with them I come from where they come from. We understand each other as someone like you could never understand our pain. Listen skip I’m just saying you and your type just don’t get my type of guy. We’re just different and I can’t sit here and say this coach didn’t know exactly what he was doing by keeping Riley Cooper and letting all of my brothers walk. I’ve never met the man but I’m saying without any doubt that he 100% is a racist.I’m not saying he is but I’m just saying. I’ve heard he is and I can confirm he is indeed a racist. But look Skip u didn’t hear it from me.

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