John POWERS Middleton Calls Jonathan Papelbon a “Moron,” Rips

John POWERS Middleton, son of billionaire with billionaire hair and Phillies point owner John Middleton, and friend of Leo, laid into Jonathan Papelbon after reading the latter’s comments about his former team:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-17_08-31-43_AM

LOVE THE MIDDLETONS. So much feist. Where you once had David Montgomary singing Kumbaya about impending departures, you have the Middletons calling former players “morons” and taking goddamn charge at rebuilding press conferences. Did we really doubt that a family of cigar magnates would be perturbed over their product’s absence in the Phillies clubhouse for four-straight years? Of course not. Cigars don’t lose, baby. The Johns Middleton being content with the current state of things would be like a milk man who owns a racing team being OK with just top-5 finishes. Gotta pour that dairy, smoke those stogies.

Anyway, Middleton then took aim at the Daily News for reasons I’m trying to figure out:

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It would seem that Lawrence’s original story changed from a Q & A-style transcript (understandable, seeing as though it went up almost immediately after Papelbon met with the assembled media on Monday) to a more traditional story, both living under the same URL. It’s a fairly common evolution. But something about it tweaked POWERS. Maybe just because he was so damn riled up about Papelbon’s comments:

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Love this era. Love it! If Donald Trump’s campaign success – which had to end last night with his hideous performance at a debate which, somehow, made Jeb Bush seem cool – is any indication, what America what the Phillies need right now is a no-nonsense straight-talker. Or talkers. The Middleton’s may be just that. I mean, BILLIONAIRES UNITE:

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    1. Great name. By the by, I made a clock that people thought was a bomb. Good to see we can still lead the world in paranoia!

  1. The last thing Philadelphia needs is a Republican ownership group. Remember when Ed Snider brought out dingbat Sarah Palin during the 08 election? That went well.

    This city is largely democratic because of unions, intelligent young people and minorities who know full well that Republicans want to send them back to Latin America/slavery. There’s a reason big cities are largely liberal and small towns are not. It’s called culture and education.

    1. “There’s a reason big cities are largely liberal and small towns are not. It’s called culture and education.”

      No. It’s called freeloading n1ggers that collect welfare, commit violent crimes and don’t like work, probably like yourself.

      1. And Small towns are conservative because they are filled with racist assholes, either rich who don’t recognize that by being born white or with money, they had a significant advantage over minorities, or else just uneducated racist hicks who are afraid of any kind of culture outside their own bubble, and are so used to their religion being the norm, that when it doesn’t get preferential treatment, they act like their religious liberty is under attack. And just so you know, I was born rich and white, and Christian, just so you can’t write me off as being a poor minority like the poster above.

        1. hi jim! your just a younger college type with a lot of white guilt. probably a liberal arts or teaching major.

      1. The dude before you casually throws out a racial epithet and I’m the idiot. Yea OK.

        If you’re a Republican, you’re aligning yourself with every racist in the world. Congrats. There are 2 types of people that are republicans: racists and selfish rich people. That’s it, that’s the list.

        1. Another patented play out of the lib play book, call every American who doesn’t see the value of allowing peasant cultures who abuse women, lack moral fiber, view prison as “3 hots and a cot” and have no desire or intention of assimilating into the American system beyond receiving food stamps and government assistance a racist, republican. I wonder what your view on Australia is, they are in a similar situation where, surprise! unless you’re under 40 and have a unique skillset, request denied. Paul would like to take half your paycheck and move a Mexican family in next door to you so he can feel better about himself and assuage the white guilt his libtard parents and professors laid on him. Suck a fat dick Paul.

          1. I have no idea what you just said. Something about professors? Because higher education is just terrible.

            But that’s generally what you see out of R’s. They’re threatened by smart people, by intelligence, by challenging authority. This is why they complain about colleges, because people learning about different cultures and about the world, and thereby improving themselves, is seen as a challenge to the under educated life they life. “Oh, look at you, Mr. Smartypants, learning outta da picture book.” Only in America do you get a negative connotation associated with learning. As if everyone should just jump from middle school to the mechanic shop and never pick up a book.

          2. That Paul JolowitzFCP is obsessed with Republicans when it’s the independents who swing elections.

    2. Large cities are cesspools and are largely liberal. Kind of goes together. Any homeless bum will go set up shop in big cities looking to leech off people. Walk through downtown LA or downtown NY. It is disgusting. That is your liberal ideas at work. The suburbs and small towns are heaven. You are a joke as well as your pie in the sky professors living in lala land because they are funded by the government.

  2. We saw last night the guy is incapable of engaging in a serious policy debate. All he can do is blather and bluster. Go back to hawking cologne and neckties, dude.

    1. They should have pulled my corpse out of the tomb and yelled at it saying I was too left-wing! Booga-booga! Can Al Haig still run?

  3. The only place you’ve been to in Mexico is Cancun, for sure. There is nothing to learn from a country that is so corrupt it’s people need to stream over the border 100’s of years after it’s creation. That’s the next play out of the playbook, call anybody who doesn’t agree with your ridiculous fantasy stupid. How do we pay for all this assistance without drastically raising taxes? Are we in a position as a country where we desperately need people to migrate here? We can’t even educate and feed the kids that are here legally, Why would allowing thousands of illiterate, uneducated, unskilled people who have no respect for the law in their home country and have no intention of obeying any law ever be a good idea? Answer me those 2 questions genius and I’m a converted independent. Stay where you are and fix your own country. Your heart may be in the right place but your head is up your ass and your handle blows.

    1. Kyle’s begging at this point for attention from anyone in the Middleton family.

      Be careful what you wish for when these guys take over.

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