Jonathan Papelbon Attacked Bryce Harper in the Nationals Dugout

This is beautiful: Although the Phillies’ season was a total bust, it’s nice to still have something this great happen in a Phillies game.

After being annoyed at Papelbon for plunking a dude – and being Jonathan Papelbon – Bryce Harper didn’t exactly run a ball out as hard as he could have in today’s game against the Phillies. Papelbon didn’t like that, and started jawing at Harper before he even reached the dugout, telling him to run out the ball. Harper, based on my rudimentary lip-reading skills, seems to ask Papelbon if he wants to go. Papelbon answered by grabbing Harper by his throat.

The Phils might be a mess (though they’re whooping the Nats right now), and the Mets may have won the NL East, but at least those cocky Nationals (and the cockier Papelbon) self-destructed.

Video after the jump.

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28 Responses

  1. Harper is a giant smelly vagina. He was so upset Pap plucked a guy who showed up one of the pitchers. He is scared he is going to get hit in his poor knee. I wish Pap had him eating out of a straw with a broken jaw and destroyed the whole fanchise. Come on Bryce take one for the team, right up your puckered, worn out butthole

  2. Harper is a pussy and an entitled bitchboy. He will never win anything – he’s a me-first guy, first, last and always. Knows nothing about Winning Baseball. Pap is an asshole, but he knows how to win and how to play the right way.

    1. All true. And I STILL like Harper more than Papeldouche. I would love it if Harper played here. Since Papeldouche already has a guaranteed 8-figure deal to sabotage the Gnats again next year, maybe Bryce could be convinced to come up I-95. Dude is a beast.

  3. Baby Bryce was supposed to be the big man who doesn’t get involved in this shit but he got so mad at Papelbon he got in a fight with him that he definitely did not get the better of. He is such a bitch about getting hit with the ball, I thought he was mr baseball that’s a free trip to 1st why wouldn’t he want that. Cause he’s a bitch and not the team player the media makes him out to be.

  4. Beautiful, man. Two dorks displaying their Natitude. Papelbon is undoubtedly a cancer in the clubhouse. Yes, he’s a decent closer, but it’s not worth the baggage. Harper has become a diva. Everything he gives you in talent, he takes away in being an Ahole.

  5. Believe me, their GM Mike Rizzo and the owner are desperately trying to find a way out of this Papelbon contract. He’s an albatross, and as another commenter stated, you don’t touch the farm raised sprouting superstar. Paps and manager Matt Williams will be leaving D.C. shortly.

    1. i wonder how many times paps put his dick on someone in high school as a joke and got slapped with a boys being boys pat on the back haha.

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