LeSean McCoy Doesn’t Think DeMarco Murray is Competition for the League’s Best RB

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The latest issue of GQ has a little NFL preview, and Zach Baron talked to LeSean McCoy briefly about his trade from the Eagles and his new home in Buffalo. He’s still a bit taken aback by the trade:

“That was crazy,’ McCoy says, still a bit wounded-sounding. “I felt like I’d always be there.” Instead, McCoy finds himself in Buffalo. “I just gotta get used to it.”

His new coach, Rex Ryan, isn’t quite the sports scientist that Chip Kelly is. Whereas Chip checks your diet and your heart rate and your sleep patterns, Rex doesn’t. “[He] lets you be a man,” McCoy said. “He won’t say, ‘Be in bed at ten o’clock,’ or check your sleep. He’s just like: Be professionals.”

And how does he feel about his replacement DeMarco Murray, who out-rushed him last year and whose career yards per attempt and yards per game is higher?

“I think Murray’s good,” McCoy says. “But I don’t see him as competition as far as the best backs. I like my game a lot.”

I mean, he’s not going to say “Murray’s as good as, maybe better than, me,” but it’s nice to not even consider DeMarco to be in your class. That’ll be some nice motivation for him.

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15 Responses

    1. McCoy needs to just STFU and try to get back on the field. I’m looking forward to enjoying his downward spiral.

  1. MeSuan and Meshawn both GONE! Suck Chip Kelly’s Dick you two arrogant pricks. And good luck finding a job when you get released. #ruinedreputation

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