LeSean McCoy Might Not Be Ready for Week 1, Bills Source Declares Injury near His Butt and “things like that”

Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Safely removed from Chip Kelly’s sports science lab which he apparently hated so much, LeSean McCoy has a nagging hamstring injury and may not be ready for Week 1.

ESPN football reporter Josina Anderson, who gets an impressive amount of scoops, reports that a Bills source told her McCoy might not be ready for Week 1 after all:

“They say it tore in a spot where it couldn’t have been any better for us. It tore in a spot that is kind of high up, surrounded by stronger muscles in the glutes and things like that.”

According to the source, McCoy is not at full speed in practice but is doing rehab work including light footwork, agility and cardio conditioning, but there is concern he won’t be in great “football shape.”

“It’s way too early to say whether [McCoy] will play or not. He is doing a little bit more every day. But hell yes, I’m concerned about that,” the source said. “I can’t say for sure he’s going to be with us Week 1. I can’t say that at all. It will take everything we got just to get him ready for game day, and then [when] we get to game day, [there’s] no way he can be in great football shape. So I think he will be on a pitch count, I think at the very best.

The source added that if McCoy is not 100 percent, “I would recommend that he doesn’t play because [we] need him for the rest of the year. [We] don’t need him at 75 percent and risk losing him down the line.”

“You know he is a Ferrari and for him to be hitting on all cylinders, that thing has got to be right,” the source told Anderson.

Good thing McCoy got himself out of a place that uses high-end, military grade physiological monitoring instruments and into a place where the source – probably a coach, perhaps even Rex Ryan – ballparks his health meter and compares him to a car.

Also, good thing the Bills just cut Fred Jackson.


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  1. Hollis Thomas sounds like he doesn’t like Spike Eskin at all. What are the odds he goes off one day and kicks Spike’s ass?

    1. Hollis doesn’t like Spike because he’s a skinny white kid who uses logic in arguments and Hollis just talks out his ass, he is a really flat out dumb guy.

  2. Remember when Shady was on the afternoon show back on WIP, when they had respectable content and enjoyable hosts?

    Now all they have is a flat slob who sings over music and shouts unfunny jokes into a microphone. Oh vagina. BWAHAHA. Your audience of 16 year olds who like “Prank Wars” and 22 year olds who think frats are cool are eating it up.

    Fat slob with disastrous ratings.

      1. His call-in show was a disaster because Shady is a disaster.

        His Friday call to Gargano was hysterical because Garagno would ape it up and make some kind of stupid introduction for him, only for Shady’s phone to cut out or for him to respond with a “yea.”

        Either way, it’s better than whatever that fat slob Innes is going to bring you.

  3. Shady runs for less than 500 yards this year. And his per rush will be 3.4. The same amount that he tips.

  4. seriously? a whole “article,” 11 comments, and no one points out that yes, he is LITERALLY butthurt as well?

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