Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid Went to Made in America Yesterday

Last night, Beyoncé closed out day one of the annual Made in America festival. She spent a good amount of time wearing a sparkly James Harden onesie, but did play to the crowd a bit by tossing on the also-sparkly Sixers number above for a bit. And at least two crowd members were super into it: Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid.

embiid snap

Yes, Embiid was on crutches, and yes, they could have been closer. But with the size of those dudes, they were just being polite and not blocking anyone’s view. There should be a separate section for dudes over 6’3″ at concerts, and these dudes are well over 6’3″.

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24 Responses

    1. No talk about Kam Chancellors agent being at nova care today???

      But Jim… Ur fruity story is great.

      No talk about the Eagles private jet being on its way to Seattle today???

      Good job Jim.

    1. I agree sir! He surely should have posted about the breaking sportsing story happening right now. Kudos!

  1. So an article about 2 n1ggers 1 straight off the boat from Africa commenting on another porch monkey and I’m supposed to give a damn? Get these spear chuckers off of my CB.COM!

  2. I wish these 2 guys weren’t as injury as they are and start playing for the Sixers already instead of watching Beyonce concerts.

  3. Anything on special snowflakes putting normal folks behind bars today?

    No, really, I’m on the edge of my seat. have any other peoples’ rights been trampled in the name of “love” in the past 48 hours by someone who’s a Philly sports figure’s sister-in-law’s former college roommate? Because that matters so much. k1L3, this place is a cesspool, kick j1mm to the curb ASAP.

    And stop trying to silence me. You will never succeed.

        1. Gotta #? Would love to shoot you a text and hookup.

          Big Dick Joe

  4. Bob you tasted delicious. FYI Bob and I are a couple now we will be posting random thoughts together on occasion. Big dick Joe and Bob show.

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