Last night, Jonathan Papelbon allowed a game-tying home run to Freddy Galvis, marking his first blown save in a full year. To the day. And what was so special about that last blown save? He grabbed his dick afterwards.


It’s poetic. Before the game, Papelbon said that he was one of the few Phillies who wanted to win when he was here:

“I don’t know if I got a bad rap here or whatever, but I can promise you I was, by far, [from being] the bad guy on this team. I was one of the few that wanted to actually win, and I was one of the few that competed and posted up every day.”

He further clarified that the organzation didn’t want to win. They didn’t pull it out last night, either, after blowing Paps’ save opportunity and taking the game to extra innings. But still, I bet Papelbon heard it from the fans down there:

cbp first pitch

Football is back.