Penn State Dug a Hole in their Practice Field and Buried the Temple Game Tape

Maybe they should have buried their offensive line with it.

All joking aside: When humanity perishes and the Earth is a barren wasteland, maybe alien explorers will come to Earth and discover the tape, allowing them to experience a lot of human culture. Like fandom, community, and how not to play football.


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  1. Uh, the tape would degrade. Plus who is to say the aliens would have the technology to even play the tape if it was still in tact?

    Worst article

  2. Interesting that PSU is still a 20 point favorite against Buffalo this week. Says a lot about how good Temple might be.

    1. HackenCHOKE blows….where the white bitches at?!?!?!
      We are…………………….ASS JAM U

    1. no one has ever given a flying fuck about temple football.

      all you cucks still bitch when kyle posts about Nova doing something relevant in March Madness and now you suddenly give two shits about temple?

      All that matters is the Eagles and the day Ruben is fired

  3. Wouldn’t it have been easier for Penn State to just let the kicker eat the tape for breakfast?

  4. What’s the deal on Day 1 of football season? Is Innes talking about himself….is Mike Miss doing a stupid trivia game?

    1. I was going to comment on how Penn State should have buried that stiff Hackenberg, but the thought of Caitlyn Jenner, Nicole Bass and Janet Reno makes burying Hack seem pointless.

  5. Such an overdone sports motivational tactic it lost its pinache when the raiders did it a few years ago when they lost 10 games

  6. Penn State will not win 5 games this year. Temple will be back in a bowl game after they were screwed out of one last year.

      1. Penn State- cult douches
        Nova- entitled rich kids who aren’t even in the city
        Drexel- Nerds, aren’t in the big 5
        UPenn- Snobby, rich, entitled pricks
        La Sale- small ND wanabees that no-one gives a fuck about
        (Saint J…like anyone gives a fuck)

        This is just the same old shit that every Temple fan puts out there because they fell back to Temple as their safety school. Temple fans are just Bitter and butt hurt about literally everything. Live in their own little world like anyone 40 miles outside Philly even know that the school even exists. Your D1 have mostly been shut down and your academics suck. Most of the beat writers in Philly got degrees from this shit hole, what does that tell you about their level of education?

        Temple is nothing more than another more expensive high school. Completely irrelevant

  7. What do teachers and penn state students have in common? Easy, neither of them ever work and they both stank!

  8. I was rocking my fuck penn state shirt with pride Saturday. What a beat down baby!!!!!!!!!!
    Temple will be ranked in top 25 by November . Mark my words

  9. Maybe getting their butts handed to them was punishment for removing the names off the backs of the jerseys. Huge pet peeve of mine.

  10. Seriously, this website blows in IE and chrome. It constantly crashes, slows my shit down, and I have to watch a fucking two minute video in the corner of my screen after answering a retarded survey. Fuck this.

  11. You would think temple won the goddamn Super Bowl the way they are acting. Woop de doooo you beat a shitty psu team. Smh

  12. While they were digging, did they happen to come across any bones of young males? Just curious.

  13. Temple fans should have a little pride. It’s one thing if they beat Bama (or pretty much any SEC team), Ohio State, Oregon, or some other school that is relevant. But they beat Penn State, a program that hasnt won a title in over 20 years. The program was decent a long time ago, but anymore it is average at best with people still holding on to the good ole days.

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