Penn State’s Kicker Is Not Fat, He’s Just Big Boned

Screen grab via (@MikeInman43)

YOOOOO, maybe mix in a salad, perhaps an orange, Julius.

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23 Responses

  1. Big boy, but big leg too! Fatty can kick! You coming to the Dead Dog for the second half?

  2. The best part is how he Choo’s Choo’s pre-snap! He’s the little engine that probably can’t …

  3. You guys mischaracterize (word?) Schil’s tweet and act self-righteous, but it’s ok to make fun of a fat kid for no reason? Good stuff.

    1. So the only true original content you guys can muster by yourself Kyle is ragging on some kids weight? I knew you were a rat with they Riley Cooper thing and you were a real piece of shit when you felt it necessary to post Pukemons moms Facebook reaction grieving after her son had died ( without her permission of course). You have zero sports knowledge, except any year we had a title or got close to a title. Fat kid would kick your ass, but I’m sure you would sue.

  4. “inclusiveness” only matters if you like pitching and catching (if ya know what I mean vern), or putting women in jail for their religion. fat people? ha! they haven’t been made into a hillary voting bloc yet!

  5. That was a pathetic performance. TEN sacks! That reminded me of the game the Eagles sacked Aikman 11 times. James Franklin WILL be fired at the end of the year, if not before. QB Hackenberg looks totally lost in this system.

      1. Or the shitty line protecting him. Unless Franklin’s game plan included “allow Temple to have multiple guys in our backfield right after the snap”, in which case, yeah – it’s the system.

  6. Hey Kyle…I was looking to see how much Villanovas kicker weighs but apparently no one gives a crap about their football team.

  7. Kid looks like Janikowski Jr! Best part of that sorry lot. I was alive when Temple last beat Penn State in the segregation forever bowl. Anything on the roast?

  8. wow…lets talk about the kids weight, and not the fact that he is a very good kicker that can hit fg’s from 60+. Yea, good job guys…

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