Pete Mackanin Will be the Phillies’ Manager Next Year

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies have just announced that interim manager Pete Mackanin will just be plain ol’ manager Pete Mackanin next season. He’ll have a club option in 2017. Here’s Andy MacPhail’s statement the Phillies posted to Twitter:

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Mackanin will have an uphill battle next season.


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    1. Alex Holly and it’s not even close. Jillian’s insecurity is really unattractive, Alex is fine with who she is and isn’t posting photos of herself 24/7, that’s sexy

  1. And people wonder how this team has the losingest record in all professional sports and heading for another 100 loss season.

      1. How about 11,000 losses, two titles in 133 years (Yankees 25 in 30 less years of existence), biggest pennant collapse in 1964, most losses in a row?

        1. Ok so which other great philly sports franchise do you support. The great Eagles or maybe the flyers. I doubt your a bball guy considering how you hate losing teams SO MUCH

    1. “…another 100 loss season.”

      If they, in fact, reach 100 losses (I’m almost certain they will), it’ll be the first time since 1961. Your statement makes it sound like it’s been a regular occurrence in the lifetimes of most of the current fan base. You are an idiot.

        1. Address his point, genius. Avoiding it by trying to be snarky doesn’t change the fact that your basic point was factually incorrect – the Phillies haven’t lost 100 games in over 50 years. They’ve had plenty of shitty seasons but your assertion is just wrong. They haven’t lost 11,000 games either. It takes a long time to lose 1,000 and it hasn’t been that long since they lost their 10,000th. If you have nothing worthwhile to say, don’t say anything.

  2. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fans, but you guys should totally ignore that and listen to my piping hot takes on the Phillies, because my opinion definitely matters.

  3. Nothing says a fresh start like keeping a 65 year old Manager who’s been with the team strictly in their decline years 09-12,14-15 with a young team.

  4. I heard Reuben was also on the short list for the job. I hear the Phillies are still hiring 2016 50/50 Raffle sellers.

  5. No reason to get all in a huff over this hiring. He’s still a placeholder. Its a one year deal with an option for one more…not a long term thing.

  6. I think this is to emphasize who’s in charge to the young players. Benching Odubel was the right move. MacPhail doesn’t want any J-Strolls this time around. Imagine how good Jimmy would have been if he had been made to hustle, and stop swinging for home runs? That was management’s fault, and it is good to see the current staff won’t put up with it.

  7. Jim, your lack of knowledge about the things you ‘cover’ is astounding. You are the Brad Goebel of sports blogging. Fuck you. Good hite by the Phils- they’ll blow again next year and fire Pete after. On an unrelated note, I’d love to put my pee-pee in Melissa Magee’s snatch.

  8. He got the job because he speaks fluent spanish and he’s the only guy in the organization that does. Who else is going to tell our new latin players where to buy cases of coronitas on payday? Seriously.
    But in the same sense, who gives a fuck?
    By the way, I’m borderline retarded and I misspell words 90% less than this blog.

  9. Is that big piece of fucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk machine still here?
    Who gives a PHUCK

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