Phillies Set All-Time Low Attendance Record at Citizens Bank Park

I like to play this little game when the Phillies are doing poorly and Citizens Bank Park is empty: find the completely empty section– no fans, no ushers, no young couples trying to find some blue-plastic-ed privacy. Even when only 25,000 or so (right around this year’s average) are down at the game, it’s rare there’s a section in the stadium that’s completely empty. Yesterday, it probably wasn’t that hard.

Last night, the Phillies announced a paid attendance of 15,125 – and the number of people who actually showed up is probably much, much lower. I wrote before about how the astonishing attendance drop over the past few seasons has begun to hurt scalpers and food/shirt sellers outside the stadium, but barely cresting 15,000 is a new low, in more ways than one. The park was only 35% full last night. You could have taken last night’s crowd, added the average Flyers home crowd, and still had enough seats left (over 9,000) to fit last night’s actual attendance again. That’s embarrassing, but it was the perfect storm of sadness. It was Labor Day. People were away on vacation or getting ready to send the kids back to school. It was hot. The Braves are also terrible. What remains to be seen is if this record can still be broken this season. They’ll have a few shots at it.

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23 Responses

  1. Kinda like Mikey Miss’s ratings after WIP moved me to the graveyard shift. Speaking of graveyards – Citizen’s Bank Park and me. Bang!

        1. I have nothing against Jim, he’s a nice guy. But his contributions to this site are horrible. I suggest fireing Jim and hireing Bob to do daily posts.

    1. Phils stink. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone if I were a Philly fan. Go out and look around the streets in center city – you see more Yankee hats than Phil hats. Cleveland, for some reason is very popular too.

  2. Does anyone remember the late 90’s/early 00’s at the Phillies games, as they were this empty at the Vet. I used to laugh when our fanbase would pound its chest during 2009, 2010, etc at every sellout crowd like we were the greatest fanbase in the world. Or as many in the media put it, “The most passionate fanbase in the country.” Our fanbase comes out when they win, and stays at home when they lose, no different the most sports fans across the country.

    1. I went to the Phillies/Red Sox on Sunday and even with both teams playing for nothing and no starting pitchers worth watching (plus 90 degree heat), Fenway was still packed. Have to give that fan base a little more credit, although they do have a much more recent world series.

      1. Agreed, Kyle is the ultimate phillies fan too, it was all “red october” when they were winning division titles, but now like everyone else he cant name 3 fucking players on the team

        1. Not to defend Kyle but this ownership deserves no fans for the fiasco that they created by keeping a GM who never earned the job in the first place. That’s should be the reason it’s empty. Mass boycotting is necessary sometimes.

  3. The Phils should take a cue from NASCAR and disassemble the stands so it does not look that bad. 15,000 idiots bought tickets and 1/3rd were smart enough not to show up. My question is who had nothing else to do than show up at this train wreck? BTW suckers, to Comcast and the Phils, it was a full house TV wise as you pay Comcast and its bogus Comcast Sportsnet whether you watch the games or not. To the kool aid addicts, don’t worry. No manager change, Rubin will be running (ruining) the team and Chooch and Howard will be in the starting line up next April.

    1. You’re an idiot because Chooch isn’t even starting now, as he has been relegated to the backup since June. Howard only plays against righties, as next year is his last year of his deal. As for the Comcast Money, you realize that they also televise the Flyers and Sixers game (and before you go on a rant that both teams missed the playoffs last year so were suckers for following them too.) As for Amaro, come back here in December and I GUARANTEE he is not the GM, nor Mackanin is the manager, as there was no reason to find replacements midseason, when McPhail can do is due dilligence in the offseason and find the right men for the job.

      1. Phils 11,000 losses. Most in any major sports. Flyers and Sixers combined 0 for 76 in titles. And Comcast makes you buy their crap station as they know revenue would tank if it were elective like Prism once was. Enjoy the Phils Kool Aid.

        1. Why are we giving the Eagles a pass here? They are the LONGEST of all in terms of their last title. It was soooo long ago it wasn’t even called what it is known as today.

  4. Who’s the idiot that scheduled a night game on Labor Day?

    Next Monday’s attendance will probably be worse.

    1. Because both the Phillies and Braves played on the road on Sunday, so they had to travel to Philly, and teams like to schedule a night game to give them more time to get settled. Now there were a few day games yesterday, but they were moved for National TV reasons, as the Phillies/Braves is an irrelevant game to MLB right now, so keeping it at 7PM doesn’t effect their national TV audience.

  5. Ruben will have Phillies back in contention in a couple seasons now that Montgomery is out of the picture. He has already transformed our minor league system from a bottom ten to a top ten just this season. We also have some promising young talent currently on our roster in Herrara, Franco, Hernandez, Nola, Giles and plenty coming up from the minors within next couple seasons in the likes of Thompson, Crawford, Williams, Alfaro, Knapp, Cozens, etc…..

    I would make a manager change going into next season though with our young talent and find someone that can grow these guys. Macanin was fine as a stopgap to get through this season. My suggestion would be Juan Samuel as manager and keep Bowa as bench coach to help Sammy. Samuel is popular in the clubhouse, a student of the game who has paid his dues, and has the ability to work with our younger Latin American players so being bilingual would help with all the core latin american players we will have on the team..

  6. Doesn’t help that the ushers are actually monitoring lower level seats. You would think — for tv purposes alone — they’d encourage as many fans to move down as close as they want.

  7. Is there a big piece of fucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine still on the team? No wonder nobody goes. The little piece of fucking monkey shit is hurt.AGAIN. Fuck this team….too many spooks anyway.

  8. When the Phillies won! Woo woo standing room only tickets and Bud Light Limes but now it’s not cool anymore especially since they traded the best basemen of 2nd of all of the baseball in Chase!

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