UPDATE: Matt Barkley Traded to Cardinals for Conditional Pick

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that has seemingly solidified Tim Tebow’s place on the Eagles, Jay Glazer is reporting that the Arizona Cardinals have traded for Matt Barkley. According to Adam Schefter, “Cardinals agreed to trade conditional 7th-rd pick to Eagles for Matt Barkley, per source. Eagles get pick if Barkley on roster for 6 games.” That makes Tebow a lock.

UPDATE: People are starting to get pretty excited. SportsNation is on board:

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24 Responses

  1. So much for all those guys on twitter confirming Tebow was at the Airport because he was cut….great reporting as usual, Jim, you hipster jackass.

  2. Not a lock. Why would you say it’s a lock? It’s not a lock. Everyone knows it’s not a lock. Stop saying it’s a lock until it’s a lock. Jerk.

  3. Jim, you were doing much better when you were just trying to mimic Kyle. I thought you did a good job at that.

    Also, what the fuck were you thinking with the layout, Kyle? Part of the problem with the CB comments is that you can’t always tell when we would hate something anyway, but it seriously looks like Melissa Magee, Karen Rogers and Cecily went in to create a 6ABC Recipe and Home Tips Blog or something.

  4. I think the new layout is fine but PLEASE kill this smooth scrolling effect. I don’t need my scrolling experience augmented. Also I’m not sure why the font is tiny and italicized in the comment input fields.

  5. I literally can’t go to this site anymore. The ads are ridiculous and make my computer SO MUCH SLOWER than any other website. I managed before the new layout but now it’s absurd. And you scroll slightly and it goes all the way down to the next story. I actually think the layout is nice and improved, but with the ads, it just doesn’t work. Please get new ads, ones that don’t take up half the bottom screen with that dumb radio shit. I want to keep coming back!

  6. Mike Miss was on air today talking getting dumped and has a “broken heart”. I guess he was decided.that fat boy’s move of sharing shit is the way to go.

  7. setting aside your democrat-brainwashed “activism” for ten seconds, the style/format change is DREADFUL. between the two, I’m probably out. and I’m like seven of the regular commenters. I’m not saying I’m SIMILAR to them. I’m saying they ARE me.

  8. Yo dis layout is wiggity wack, if you want me to keep bringing tha Influencer Style to your blog, you better flip tha script homey.

  9. Hey guys check out Philly.com as I have scooped Kyle and Jim again with an article on Chip Kelly returning to WIP. Keep checking in as I’m always the 1st with Radio War updates as well. Also notice I don’t take weekends off even holiday ones!

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