Reports: Eagles Trying to Trade Najee Goode, Kenjon Barner

Today is a big day for many fringe Eagles roster candidates. Some will make the team, many won’t, and some might just end up somewhere else before the day is even over.

According to reports, Najee Goode and Kenjon Barner are available to other teams in a trade, and if they’re not dealt they’re likely to have different fates. Goode and Barner both looked impressive in the preseason, especially Barner, but are victims of roster depth. Goode, if not traded, will likely be cut, while Barner could still find himself a spot on the Eagles’ 53-man roster if no one else offers enough for him.

In addition to those two players being shopped around, the Eagles have reportedly already cut at least ten players. We’ll have more on all the cuts when they’re more complete.

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39 Responses

        1. Cmon G…you are going to depress him into missing a days work!

          Minimum Wage, $7.25 x 8 hours = $58!!!!

          Buddy, dont call out and miss out on a cool $40 after taxes!

          1. Hahahahaha! I know. They think they are worth $30/hr for cleaning a toilet or emptying a trash can. They are marching for it. Look out. The unskilled will hold us all hostage.

            1. No. I can assure you that we aren’t the same person. Who would think that more than (1) person would think like I do? Silly liberal. There are plenty of Americans that think like me. They are called normal.

              1. I am not sure how you are one to say someone or something is normal or not.

                If one were to go by the definintion of normal, from the outcome of the last 2 presidential elections, it seems you are less “normal” than the general American public

                1. Normal is me, an American, veteran and former officer that sees what is going on with this country and doesn’t like it.

                  Abnormal is someone like you, that doesn’t care (oblivious) and are contrary to the thinking of a person with common sense.

                  1. So you went to a catholic college but were an officer in the military and are now a computer programmer? Methinks something doesn’t add up.

          2. “So you went to a catholic college but were an officer in the military and are now a computer programmer? Methinks something doesn’t add up.”

            What doesn’t add up? Because in my senior year of college I decided to serve my county in the Air Force, finish my degree and become an officer? I did so because I was unsure of what I wanted to do at 21 years old. Is that terrible?

        2. Says a guy who apparently has a job but is likely spending working hours stealing from his employer by posting political nonsense on a sports blog. Something to be proud of. At least the person cleaning toilets is you know, actually doing the job they are getting paid for.

          1. ; ) Lots of assumptions Benny. You Libs can stand when you are called out on your fairy tales. Whether I agree with everything G says, or not, at least he is rational with his opinion. Libs MAF about rational arguments, MAF.

                    1. Should I be checking the Urban Dictionary? I really hope you see the irony in the “conservative” referencing urban dictionary while the “liberal” quotes an actual English language dictionary.

          2. No. Not really. I am college educated. I went to college for 5 years to obtain a masters in Comp. Science. I’m still paying off my student loans after 18 years. I work very hard and can multi-task.

            1. So you admit you are stealing from your employer while criticizing someone else’s job? Multi tasking at work means working on a number of different projects at a time, not posting on a sports blog and working.

              1. G, he is upset that he has to take his hour bus ride to work 2nd shift at Qdoba. Benny, I know the dinner rush is tough, but if you keep your nose clean for a few months maybe they will take you off bathroom duties!

      1. If I knew most of the damn comments were a bunch of fuck sticks arguing about politics, I wouldn’t have clicked, but since I’m here and you’ve wasted my time, I’ll waste yours. All of you are wrong, and I think you are all smart enough to realize that you’re also partially right as well. Both sides of the political spectrum need to be used in order for things to work correctly, but it’ll never happen because we can’t compromise. Burning cross, first off,” lolz?” I don’t even need to say anymore, you’ve lost intelligent credibility by coming off as a teenage girl during a political spat on a sports blog. Second, you’d be a genius if the site was crossing burn, but it’s not, so now that you’ve been informed, take the long weekend and pick at that sack of shit you have for a brain and come up with a new one. G-man, someone that scrubs toilets and empties trash isn’t any better or worse than you or me, I mean, you WERE in the air force, chances are you’ve also scrubbed a few toilets in your day. And Christ, talk about an easy way to do nothing for a few years and getting compensated for it (see: the coast guard). So you have no room to trash any one who does any job and wants more money for it, whether they deserve it or not. And isn’t marching and protesting, whether you like it or not, a reason to serve your country? Benny, you’re on this site pissing and moaning in the middle of the day with the rest of us, so you’re either at work fucking off, or you took this day off to have a long weekend and spend it crying and whining on a blog that about sports, get a fuckin hobby. Give “sucking shit” a try, sounds like its up your alley. And white guilt, what did g man have for dinner? Cause you sure have climbed far up his ass and made yourself comfy. I’m just kidding, you’re cool.

  1. Finally, we get an Eagles post! Thank you, James! My day is now complete. Well, almost. Barkann is finishing up at the station and asked if I could deliver an end of the week treat….I think I’ll send him Cinnamon. He loves her!

        1. Nice handle. The thing is though, I come from a pretty wealthy “liberal” family. Have a family foundation (a much much much smaller version of the Laura Bush foundation) that I sit on the board of directors for and all. I also went to a pretty prestigious school where I had a full athletic scholarship and graduated cum laude. Shall I keep going?

  2. I have a luxury of posting because I do computer work for a living, so I always have access to a PC and the internet. I have a theory about why my conservative white view is not heard more often. IT’S BECAUSE ALL OF THE WHITE PEOPLE ARE WORKING ON REAL JOBS AND COULD CARE LESS! If all of white America, that is working on construction and science did social networking, these liberals would be driven back into the plantations where they came from. Remember, the democrats like slaves. It is based on their history.

      1. Actually, it was republicans who were in favor of the liberation of slaves. Lincoln was a member of the National Union Party, which was the precursor to the Republican party. Democrats were mostly in favor of slavery during the civil war. The political shift between the republican and democratic parties didn’t occur until post-depression when democrats became more “liberal” and republicans more “conservative”.

  3. The weather girl from 29 left to take a job in another city. Maybe she decided that a 60 year old man who listens to Alt music and watches Point Break on a loop is not the way to go. Waaaaah!

  4. Really Jim? A Bible joke about Tebow, great job. Slowly turning this site into a liberal, anti-religion, pop culture blog. Great hire Kyle.

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