Roundup: A Pope Card, Brett Brown Teaching Coaches How to Coach, and More

Tonight at Citizens Bank Park – that open-air building where they, apparently, play baseball games – you can get yourself a Pope Francis rookie card. A bobblehead, or really anything but a card, would be better. But you get a card. All 4,000 of you who show up. Plus, is he even a rookie? He’s been the Pope since March 2013. Maybe he doesn’t have enough at bats.

brett clinic

Brett Brown will lend local coaches his coaching knowledge at Lower Merion High School tonight. It says all are welcome though, so maybe you could just go and hang out with Brett and pretend to be a coach. If there’s a guy who looks like he’s wearing a wig and a fake mustache there, and he tells you his name is “Byronn Nott,” please don’t teach him anything.

In current Eagle news, the team has extended Brandon Bair for one year, through 2016. The former Oregon Duck will make $100k to sign, with a $50,000 workout bonus, and $675,000 base salary, according to reports. Bair was inactive for the season premiere against the Falcons, which makes this signing a bit odd.

And in never an Eagle news, Marcus Mariota’s NFL debut was good enough for him to be named the AFC offensive player of the week. He was 13-16 for 209 yards and four touchdowns, but sadly none were thrown to Eagles receivers. Still, there’s plenty of time for him to go all RG3 so we can get him for cheap in three years.

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  1. Awful, Jim.

    In other news, I’ve hereby taken my Instagram account private. There have been too few compliments and attention surrounding my selfies. Until I see better reactions, oogling, fawning and reinforcement that I am hot, the deprivation will continue.

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