The day many Phillies fans have waited for has finally come, as the Phillies have fired Ruben Amaro Jr. Well, technically, they’ve elected to not renew his contract, meaning he’s fired as of the end of this season. In a way, just letting him not come back is fitting, seeing as it was something he was so incapable of doing with players, but a good old-fashioned firing still would have been nice.

So long, Ruben.

UPDATE: Maybe it was all just semantics and this was a good old-fashioned firing, since reports say that Scott Proefrock is acting GM as of today.


UPDATE 3: Don’t think I’ve dusted this one off since they fired Andy:

UPDATE 4: Credit to the Phillies for have a little dignity and not doing this a 6 p.m. on Monday night right before the Eagles game.

UPDATE 5: Press conference at 3 p.m. Yesssssss. Snuff film.

UPDATE 6: Pure elation, celebration and every other sort of ation right now:


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    1. I hope your all happy. This man made us a premier ball club. He saw greatness in guys like Cole, chase, jimmy, Ryan, and chooch that no one else saw. He is a true philly hero. We all owe him a lot. We will miss you Ruben.

      1. shut up. you don’t represent Eagles fans, just like any of those other losers that Angelo designates “the greatest Eagles fan.”

        1. “Al can’t you just hear the excitement in her voice? Now that’s what I call a real Eagles fan”
          ” Thanks Shirley!”
          ” I love you Angelo and my people! And if you don’t mind I would just like to say….E.A.G.L.E.S. EAGLES!”
          “Oh I love it, I just love it Al…what passion”
          “When I played on the Eagles I heard the Eagles chant a lot.”
          “Wow Al did you hear that, Runyan heard the chant a lot when he played.”
          “Yeah it made me real happy”
          “Clarke loves the Eagles chant”
          ” Wow rhea, just wow. Now we have Jeff on the line and I hear Jeff thinks we’re going to the Super Bowl! HI JEFF!”

    1. As opposed to another expert breaking down the eagles/falcons for the 225th time this week and it is only thursday? Or maybe we can breakdown the final roster for the 25th time?

      1. I really enjoyed Eytan Shandlers show a couple weeks ago asking us all to one more time reevaluate the Riley Cooper situation.

  1. Glad the this team can actually move forward now.

    Longoverdue and wll not be missed

    Also surprised Kyle didn’ post this

  2. Wish I could bring myself to even care at this point.

    Kyle, maybe you could take an object lesson from the Phillies here and elect not to renew Jims contract after say, today?

  3. Great, more unsold tee shirts to ship to Africa.

    Soooooo many wasted tee shirts you make. Some village in Africa is going to rename itself Crossing Broad.

  4. Careful what you wish for bitches. Watch for the movie sequel… Ed Wade, the Resurrection.

  5. Good. Fuck off and take that big piece of fucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkk machine and his wh0re white wife with you.

  6. Who in the hell will hire this guy with his track record of failure? Last loser of this guy’s magnitude was Captain Smith, but he went down with his ship when the Titanic sunk.

  7. He had to go. Now find someone to do something! They are difficult to watch and attendance is horrible. His disregard for the fan and information and of course his impromptu tears. He made a joke of Manuel and Sandberg was a waste. The city deserves BETTER and I do not mean the Eagles.

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