Sam Bradford’s Success Could Change the Way We Evaluate Quarterbacks

Photo Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is not exactly risk-averse. He’s got sports science and research and all of that on his side, but grabbing Sam Bradford from the Rams still wasn’t the safest move he could have made. But if it pays off, it could change the way we look at quarterbacks in the NFL.

In a big piece on Grantland today, Robert Mays took a deeper look at the Sam Bradford experiment and what it could mean if it works out. “If he can stay healthy, his 2015 season has a chance to be the test case for two quarterback theories that other decision-makers are sure to consider moving forward,” Mays says of Bradford. Maybe the lack of being able to field a competent QB on every team has “as much to do with a shortage of suitable environments as it does with a dearth of talent.”

And what they gave up for Bradford, in retrospect, isn’t really much:

“Ideally, Kelly’s plan with Bradford was to break the cycle altogether, to steal a quarterback who was actually worthy of going no. 1 overall but hadn’t shown it because he’d never been given the chance. Looking at the NFL’s traditional draft value chart, the projected picks and Foles (the 88th pick) come out to about 600 points — equivalent to a late first-round pick. The deal essentially allowed Kelly to take a player of Bradford’s pedigree with the 28th pick, something he never would have been able to do five years ago.”

It still depends on Bradford’s success in midnight green, but if he shows that he can play and he can succeed, maybe teams won’t be so steadfast about drafting their franchise QB in the first round. Maybe they can just build the team up and try to find a good QB in a bad situation. That’s what Chip hopes he did, and there’s a lot riding on it.


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  2. So in 2015 Bradford is going to do something that virtually no other QB has done since the NFL has been in existence for the past 60+ years?

    Let me know how that works out for you…..

    1. Bradford will have the greatest season that any QB has ever had.

      62 TDs, 5 INTs, 8000 yards.

      Bank on it!

        1. they are obviously scared sh*tless and want to get jabs in now before the super bowl trophies roll in.

          they will disappear to their caves come january trust me, you will need seal team 6 to find out where they are hiding.

  3. The draft pick trade chart isn’t a great example. By its own logic, trading all of that for Trent Richardson or JaMarcus Russell would be a steal. Or, trading any 3rd round washout, or any 3rd round pick that turned into a star, would skew it one way or the other. It’s still a flawed quarterback and picks for an injury-prone quarterback with a high ceiling on a one year contract.

    1. We’ll have none of that serious football talk here mister! Now, if you want a hand-job, I will facilitate that.

    2. good analysis by you, tom brady was a 6th round pick i believe. however chip may be known as the resurrection king by the time its all said and done taking supposed washed out players and renewing them by giving them a better situation or changing their positions. this is something other coaches will be trying to emulate as well. the conventional wisdom has always been to look for gems that you can steal late in the draft but this is a whole new form of theft that has been overlooked mostly.

  4. This is nothing new as The Saints signed an injured Drew Brees in 2006, or the Raiders snatched Jim Plunkett from the Patriots and won 2 Superbowls. Finding a Franchise QB is a roll of the dice anyway you spin it. One year you have Andrew Luck as the #1 pick and the Colts are set for the next 10-15 years. A few years before that Jamarcus Russell was the #1 pick and was a bust. Peyton Manning went #1 while Ryan Leaf went #2 in 1998, how about that for a drop off in quality? It’s really just getting lucky and being at the right place at the right time and that is why coaches get too much credit sometimes. Mike Holmgren traded for Brett Favre and looked like Genius in GreenBay, but all he could get in Seattle was Matt Hasselback. There’s alot of luck involved.

  5. Sam Bradford’s “Success”? fucking stop it…PRACTICE GAMES DO NOT MEAN DICK..and when he gets hurt and you have to go wit Dirty fucking Sanchez and Jesus fucking Tebow, have fun…baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sheep

    1. sanchez is kind of like the devil, tebow is the risen form of christ, what does that make bradford – the chosen one?

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