The Sixers season is steadily approaching and many fans, casual or slightly more-than causal, may not know who, exactly, is on the roster. That’s why Bob Cooney wrote a column on how the Sixers roster shakes out heading into training camp. He covers it all, from the freshly-deep point guard position, the relatively-experienced small forward position, to the rookie-leading center spot. Here’s Cooney’s breakdown of the centers on the Sixers’ roster:


The original version of the article had reportedly mentioned that this year’s 35th overall pick Guillermo “Willy” Hernangomez “may struggle to make the roster,” which is an understatement since his rights were traded to the Knicks on draft night. Hernangomez is part of the Jrue Holliday (and Pierre Jackson, version 1.0) trade family tree:


It’s all very confusing, I know, but if we’re out here breaking down rosters for the people who don’t know who is on the team, maybe we should know who is on the team. Just a thought.