Stephen A. Smith Thinks the U.S. Has 52 States

On today’s First Take, talking about Ronda Rousey not liking the Nevada gaming commission’s marijuana testing rules, Stephen A. Smith mentioned that weed is legal in some states, but not all of them. And how many is all of them?

Yes, Stephen. You’re right. All 52 states. You got it.


7 Responses

  1. Jimmy it’s getting so bad that all I have to do is read the headline and I can immediately tell if it’s going to be one of your piece of $hit articles please just come home and bang me

  2. Talk about calling the pot some PC name so as not to rustle your white privilege.

    He might not know the number of states, but at least Stephen A can use an editor appropriately and write a coherent sentence as a writer, since its his job. Can you say the same, Jim?


  3. Thank God this website would NEVER make a stupid mistake like that! I’m all for bashing SAS, but you idiots are the last people that should calling someone out for an error.

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