The Landsharks Are Circling Chip

Jenny Vrentas, who is excellent, writing about the the mass hysteria that surrounds Lincoln Financial Field is your recommended reading for the day:

So far it hasn’t mattered who is in the backfield, raising questions about another element of the roster slicing and dicing: Under Kelly’s direction, the Eagles cut both of their veteran starting guards, Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans. Their replacements, Allen Barbre and Andrew Gardner, are journeymen who have only a smattering of spot starts on their résumés. Three times in his post-game press conference on Sunday, Kelly made a crack about skill-position players having nothing to do with not blocking a three-technique defensive lineman. Generally, guards have something to do with blocking a three-technique defensive lineman.

This is a fair critique. When you take a step back and think about it, it’s kind of mind-boggling that over the past two years Chip Kelly has willingly parted ways with DeSean Jaccson, LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, Todd Herremans and Evan Mathis– arguably five of the six (Jason Peters) most impactful players on the 2013 team that was so good at the end of that season. A case can be made for all of those moves – and I’d be willing to make it – but there’s also a strong case to be made that it was too much, too fast. You sometimes have to sell your soul to win in professional and college sports. If having a couple of superstars means dealing with a couple of bad apples, then it’s what you have to do. Not saying that’s what the Eagles should do, or should’ve done – two games is hardly a large enough sample size to draw that conclusion – but it’s certainly a question we’ll get a better answer to over the next few weeks.

Vrentas was fair and measured. But, just wait for the pitchforks to come out in general if the Eagles are 3-7 or something similarly awful. If there’s one thing the media loves, it’s a good feeding frenzy. And right now, I see some fiiiiiiiiins to the left.


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  1. “Jenny Vrentas, who is excellent…”

    Who the hell is Jenny Vrentas?

    Women really should stay away from men’s sports. Don’t know who she is and could care less what she or any woman writes about men’s sports.

    1. ok ok, first of all Todd Herrimans blew last year and got torched in both of their games this year. Second, Mathis was being a prick about money and Chip/ Howie decided to let him go. Third, this female wanabe sports writer has no idea what a journeyman is. Both of these guys are very young and have only played for the Eagles. So there, Bob, you are right in saying that in this country there are no females who are credible when it come to mens sports.

      1. I totally agree. she should get back in the kitchen and bake some cookies. leave the mens sports to real men like Rueben Frank , Les Bowen , and Marcus Hayes.

      2. Sort of. My beef is the idea of a woman reporter in men’s sports. Don’t like it nor approve of it. She’s regurgitating information she hears elsewhere without a cogent thought of her own. She should get a job writing for Vanity Magazine or Better Home and Gardens.

      3. Bob doesn’t like it when women write about men or have sex with them. They don’t even know how to give a proper blowjob, do they, Bob?

      4. The offensive line resembled a turnstile on Sunday. Are you saying Mathis wouldn’t have been better? So it’s just money then. Are the Eagles up against the salary cap? Are they EVER up against the salary cap? I thought it was supposed to be about winning. My mistake I guess.

  2. those players are GONE….GET OVER IT!!! other than Foles, who had a decent game in week 1 (not so much week 2), none of them are doing anything with their new team…….Mathis was a turnstile last Thursday (Herremans not much better last night), and neither Denver or the Colts can run the ball or protect the QB. Jackson gut hurt on his FIRST pass play of the season, and McCoy is doing about the same as our backs (not much).

  3. Don’t worry, Kyle. I’m sure there are kids in Africa who would love to have some “Big Balls Chip” shirts.

  4. Hey dick licker Chip, who ya gonna blame now that Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusman isn’t picking YOUR players….. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sheeeeeeep baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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