They Might Not Fire Ruben

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Before this Phillies season started, the prevailing wisdom was that – though it’d be terrible – it would probably be Ruben Amaro’s last season as Phillies GM. Andy MacPhail was hired, Ryne Sandberg abandoned ship, and it seemed like the franchise would be getting a new face. But then something weird happened: The Phillies killed it at the trade deadline.

All of a sudden, you had people saying Ruben saved his job by completely restocking the Phillies’ farm system. So what’s the plan now? According to Pat Gillick, there isn’t one yet.

“No decision has been made on Ruben at this point,” Gillick told “It’s a decision that will be made in the next 30 days or so.”

But that isn’t because his job is on the line, necessarily.

“I think the fan perception about Ruben from July 1 through this date has changed dramatically,” Gillick continued.” I think the fans in Philadelphia are very knowledgeable. I think the fans know we’ve got a plan. And I think the fans know we’re headed in the right direction. I think that really bodes well for Ruben.”

If you really still want Ruben gone, you should have continued yelling about it even if you approved of his moves at the deadline, because now the Phillies think you like him again. Maybe.

Kyle: That’s fine. More time to sell shirts:

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Get one.


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    1. Let me ya something Ok,Ok!! There is no way that Rube should survive this 4 year trainwreck Ok, Ruin Tomorrow did such a terrible job as GM that he had to fire 2 managers and was forced trade away iconic players like Hamels,Utley,Rollins.

      Mark my words if the Phillies keep Ruin Tomorrow Jr as GM the Phillies will not win for the next 10 years. Thats all I have to say about that.

  1. “I think the fan perception about Ruben from July 1 through this date has changed dramatically,” Gillick continued.” – Uh, no, I think fan apathy has set in thanks to the Eagles. Nobody’s looking the Phils way in anger right now because we’re too excited about the Birds.

    “I think the fans in Philadelphia are very knowledgeable. I think the fans know we’ve got a plan. And I think the fans know we’re headed in the right direction. I think that really bodes well for Ruben.” – Wasn’t it straight from Rube’s mouth that we fans don’t know dick about running a team?

    Yes, the wave of hatred for Ruben is at a low point, but its there, trust me, and its ready to come crashing down again when the announcement is made to keep him.

    I think…

    1. What was wrong about him saying the fans don’t know how to run a team? They don’t. Especially around here.

      1. The problem is that he doesn’t know how to run a team, either. Seriously, you don’t shit on the fans when you’re that bad at your job.

  2. I’ve tried explaining this to people for years. For all the Gillick worshiping from this fanbase (and he’s a Hall of Famer so he deserves a lot of it) he’s tied to the waist with Ruben. All the Ruben moves post 2009 were done with his buddy Pat Gillick holding his hands.

  3. We Phillies fans show our resounding support for the organization by packing CBP every single night. Didn’t you hear our thunderous clamor this recent series with the Mets?

    Oh wait, never mind, that was the Mets fans who packed the stadium. They and every other opponents’ fans are the ones who want RAJ to stay.

  4. Yo Mike Miss, time to drop the “general knowledge” disaster. It’s like the show is moving along and then, wham! Slam on the brakes. Waste 2 minutes asking silly questions to brain dead callers for terrible prizes. Stick to what you know, leave that game show crap on PHL 17.

  5. C’mon…how many of your terrible t shirts are you actually selling? Who buys this crap at that price point?

  6. Here is the facts. Ruben has a “Get Out of Jail” card from Monty because the jawless one gave out all those big contacts (with Rubin’s approval) so your Ryan Howard and Chase Mutley jerseys would still be relevant. Amaro staying is like allowing Captain Smith of Titanic fame to run another boat because Ismay said full steam ahead. Four things are certain in this life.

    1) The sun will rise tomorrow
    2) The Eagles win no Super Bowl with silver spoon Lurie calling the shots
    3) The same with Snider running the Flyers (even more so).
    4) The Phils don’t even sniff pennant with Rubin as GM.

  7. So nothing on this story about the Redskins GM having an affair with that reporter Dianna Russini, who has been breaking all of the news about RG3?

  8. Yo Kyle why don’t you try beefing up your chicken chest before you parade that picture out. Even Bob wouldn’t fuck that. It’s embarrassing to think you go out on the beach at your parents shore house shirtless with that 5th grade chest. Man up. Hit the bench sissy boy

    1. Right, or because the Phils country club wants him to stay, even though all he’s accomplished at this point is catching up to the expectations of the entire fucking planet in July of 2013.

      This team died at the end of 2011. It was buried in 2012. Those aren’t just numbers, they’re actually entire years we had to live through. Here we are two and a half years later and we’re almost done the easy part.

      Clearly the Phillies shouldn’t try to find someone who is better than Ruben.

  9. It’s intersesting to note when Kyle was a young lad of 12 his babysitter found him dressed in his sisters clothes ,high heels and hot pants, applying lipstick with one hand and jerkin his gherkin with the other. The travails of a troubled young man I would guess.

  10. Don’t fire Ruben! He only wasted two and a half calendar years before getting it…well, not getting it right, but starting the demolition. Obviously it is essential that the architect of trading the whole fucking team be allowed another 7 years to finish the job.

    Also, it’s “not all his fault.” That’s all you can ask of your GM: that it not be all his fault.

  11. Whatever the reason ( Monty gone) Ruben has turned things around over the last year. I was as big a Rube hater as the rest of you but you’d have to have your head in a hole not to realize he has been on great run lately:

    1) Taken a bottom ten minor league system and turned it into top ten.
    2) Odubel Herrara as a rule five pick and now a quality CF.
    3) Franco a legitimate young superstar at third base.
    4) A potential second baseman of future in Hernandez.
    5) Hamels trade looks like a steal from our end with five solid prospects.
    6) Utley trade even looks good as Sweeney looks like a decent prospect.
    7) Payroll has been greatly reduced heading into next season.

    I agree Ruben caused a lot of these problems but he has turned a lot of them into a positive now for the future.

  12. We might be finding out the biggest issue for our Phillies over last few years was old full hand Monty.

  13. I do believe I have redeemed myself. I’m baaack bitches, deal with it. Next up, trade Ryan Howard then Chooch…then I can rid myself of any memory of the greatest era in Phillies history.

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