This Eagles Billboard on 95 South Is Absolutely Outstanding

pic via (@danblah25)
pic via (@danblah25)

Pure marketing perfection right here from the Eagles. The billboard, reminding fans and opposing teams to avoid 95 – or, more appropriately, Mychal Kendricks – is on 95 South, right where there’s heavy construction and congestion.

pic via (@Bryan_Barth_7)
pic via (@Bryan_Barth_7)

Thanks to (@Bryan_Barth_7), (@PhillySpectrumS) and (@danblah25) for sending in pics. I tweeted if anyone had seen the billboard, and five minutes later, boom, three pictures. You guys are the best.

Side note: Hearing that this is the work of the marketing agency 160over90, which is responsible for much of the Eagles’ excellent marketing of late. They’re crushing it.


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  1. Innes’ ratings are in the toilet. That fat slob won’t make it through the year.

    1. Still beating Missanelli despite being out many days during the month and having his show being in major transition.

      1. and why is his show already in a transition? because he ran Tony Bruno out of the business. Hollis was rough on the weekend shows, not too sure he’ll thrive in drive-time.

        1. Agree completely.

          Then again Gargano has had a long career here and he bullied every co-host he had into leaving or management into forcing them out. Except for Missanelli who took care of that himself by sucker punching a college kid making minimum wage at a remote.

          97.5 has great talent!

  2. Avoid 95 like Kendricks avoided making all those tackles in open field Saturday night?

  3. I have a relationship with 160 over 90 as a part of my organization’s marketing efforts – fantastic group to work with. Very bright, very talented, very expensive – but worth it.

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