This is the Emptiest You’ll Ever See Citizens Bank Park

Barring actually being in there when the stadium is closed and empty, you won’t see anything like this (probably) again. This is likely the least-attended Citizens Bank Park has ever been, for anything. Seriously. It’s post-apocalyptic. And to what do we owe this dystopian landscape? The Phillies being terrible, it being the first game of a double-header, and the game’s start time being before most people are out of work. Maybe they’ll all go to the later game. Maybe the won’t. But shit, even T-Mac and Murph aren’t down there T-Mac is off and Murph is in the booth.

But if you’ve got no post-work plans, seats are available.


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33 Responses

  1. You try too hard Jim. Way too hard.

  2. I can’t figure out appeal of the Smokeshow. Horrific philly accent that makes me want to shove paperclips in my ears. Cute, maybe…but very average at best. What am I missing here?

    1. She is attractive but not to the level Angelo makes her out to be. She is borderline supermodel in his eyes

      1. She is kind of conceited though, you can pretty much hear it when she talks about herself. She is very cute but Angelo carries on like she is a 20 year old Sophia Loren.

        1. She loves her selfies more than Jillian . Reminds me of someone who grew up in port Richmond fishtown area. Maybe Mayfair

        2. Angelo carries on like every girl is a 20-year-old Sophia Loren. Didn’t you ever listen when he is picking Wingettes? or when he talks about Rhea? the first time I saw Rhea I was hugely disappointed. Angelo used to talk about her like she was Pam Anderson.

      2. Anyone at last nights game should be checked for mental illness. The panhandlers that “welcome New Jerseyans to Philadelphia at least have purpose for being where they are. Reality check. More than 70% of the current Phillies fans are never going to see the Phils win another championship in their lifetimes. The Astros are 0 for 54, but the 11,000 plus loss Phils are 2 for 133. They have a tradition of futility. Oh BTW, Ruben will be upstairs next year with the Phils in some management capacity. That is the reward he gets for being Montgomery’s butt boy. And all you sycophants, no need to worry. The green transgender fun maker will be back for year 38, so make you bring the kiddies

      3. This site is full of such pathetic losers. I mean you talk about Angelo, a total loser and blowhard who gave up a journalism degree at Columbia (not that schlock and fake broadcasting school that now hides in Connecticut) because he was not making enough money working at a newspapers Yea, I know, the Inquirer is a losing rag. Instead of trying to work harder to get to a better paper, he becomes a clown and stoops down every day to talk to total losers. And to his judging beauty? I mean have you seen the so called 2nd and trophy wife? I mean really?

    2. Smokin’n Natalie GetAngieOff is nothing to write home about. Ever notice how she can be in the WIP Studio for 3 Hours and never say a word? She’s just Angelo’s Pet

  3. T-Mac’s not off. He taking his horrible announcer act national on Sunday to Oakland to call Bengals-Raiders for CBS.

    1. Apparently it is only the people in philly who thinks he is awful.

      He is average at best, don’t love him, don’t hate him. Just ok. He is far from the worst of other mlb teams TV announcers

  4. Now where are all the Philly fans saying I was wrong for calling them front runners? I guess once they start winning again they will all be back saying they are all die hard fans who stuck with the team through all the tough times. You people are the worst fans in sports and have no interest in your teams when they arnt winning this just proves it even more and then you people say you are not front runners

    1. Because people would rather not spend their hard earned money to go sit in the sun and watch these losers get railed game in and game out that makes them front runners?

      1. Yes it makes them front runners exactly. It’s not just about going to the games these horrible philly fans don’t care about their team at all unless they are winning they suddenly become fans again. They are nothing like real fans in St. Louis. Go Rams! We got nick foles bitches good luck with bad knee Bradford!

  5. Well, I am waiting to get the call to be the new GM. The stands will be full when I get this team on track. First order of business is to get some better beer in the ballpark haha

  6. Seriously fuck lining Kyles pockets when he uses survey funds to make this site worse and to pay Jim.

  7. If you take out April and May, some of June and July and his first two weeks in L.A., Utley’s having a pretty fucking good year.

  8. At least the Phillies wised up and didn’t turn it into a day/night doubleheader making fans pay twice to see the same old bull$#!” So you can pay one price to watch the phils stinkup the place!!

  9. I wish an NFL team would have the courage to use a brownie troop as its cheerleaders. That would so fucking hot.

    1. Don’t tell me what’s fucking hot, Jared. The red horned landlord has a special place down here for you. Cant wait to meet you

      1. BTW I told you 20 years ago that both Giles and Montgomery were idiots. Manuel was not even that high in the I.Q. department.

  10. Remember a few years back when we made fun of the Marlins for having like 650 fans at a daytime doubleheader? Yeah, we’re pretty much there. How soon we, and this site, forget.

  11. Monday’s Phillies game going up against Eagles season opener. Will make yesterday seem like a sellout. On Monday they should have family free day. At least it be a good PR move.

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