This Pope Video Is The Most Philly Thing Ever

Day Man, that you?

The Pope’s visit to our dear city is imminent, and we’re all losing our collective minds. But out of madness, sometimes, comes brilliance. Like the song “Frankie da Pope” above, from Mike Connor. Bonus points for a Day Man-esque appearance from the Pope himself.


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  1. If I’m your dad, Jim, I’m really angry at myself for not wearing a hat.

  2. Looks like something boring on broad would play during a segment on the show

  3. Not that the show is enjoyable or anything, but the flow of the show comes to a screeching halt when Baicker has to talk about dumb shit people are tweeting or internet videos nobody cares about

    the only time ive been entertained by that show is when Reuben Frank and Barret Brooks got into an argument about having guys like TO on your team….Reuben destroyed him and made him look stupid. There needs to be more contentious situations on that show, not Rob Ellis making smart ass remarks and talking completely out of his element

    1. Rob lost me his last night on the air on WIP. He berated his first two callers for bringing nothing to the table even though they were fine. He sounded like a bitchy old man who was having a bad day, then he made his announcement at 8:00 that it was his last night. I understand being pissed at WIP (even though it’s a business as you weren’t getting the job done against Mikey Miss), but don’t take it out on the callers.

      1. He’s a complete know-nothing when it comes to discussing how any game is played. His place in the business is talking about how upset he is that Maxwell laughed off the numbers Julio Jones put on him, but a smart sports guy would be able to tell you why that happened (zero safety help, zero pass rush to name a few things) He just had Mark Schlreth from ESPN on a couple hours ago who is a former o-linemen who disagrees on just about everything Chip Kelly does, but there are often times where Schlreth just lies and has revisionist history on Kelly’s time at Oregon with the whole “he never won anything in college” and “they couldn’t beat a physical team like Auburn in the championship”….when the fuck has Auburn been “physical” in the last 10 years, they run the same spread offense that Oregon did. My problem with guys like Ellis and Mayes is that they don’t have the sports acumen to challenge a guy like Schlreth and more than likely were smiling and giggling as he was talking because they knew people were getting pissed listening.

        1. AMEN. Ellis is awful. Wasn’t he just a TV producer that happened to wind up on camera once and that spiraled into two awful careers in which he is failing in?

          He’s a younger version of Glen MacNow. Clueless and out of his element, but he pretends to be a manly guy even though he is a dull, middle aged twerp.

  4. If you bozos think I didn’t have anything to do with the Monday night loss, you can kiss my ring. That was God’s punishment for cutting Tim Tebow. Expect another loss on Sunday.

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