This Sam Bradford Hype Video will Sell You Even More on Our New, Sleeved Savior

Sure, you might not buy into his past. And yeah, it’s only been the preseason. But if this Sam Bradford hype video doesn’t make your pants tighter there’s something wrong with you. It’s got everything you need: Eagles touchdowns, a comeback story, dialogue from a Rocky film, and some generic rock song I don’t know.

Really, get psyched.

[via Chipadelphia, h/t Barstool]

6 Responses

  1. 4 series (most with good field position) in the presason against teams that did not game plan and also had a lot of second stringers out on the field and this town anoints Bradford the next Joe Montana.

    This feels a lot like a “PICK UP THE SHIELD” scenario is about to play out.

  2. I loved it until the corny song they chose for the second half. Also I would have included some of Bradford’s presser after he was traded. Still good overall. Nice.

  3. Why does the man talking at the beginning talk funny? He sounds like my dad after getting drunk on MCW love juice. That’s what my daddy calls the wet stuff. If you didn’t know they went on vacation together down the shore. They brought me down for a day and then left me in the car to get hammered at the Springfield Inn in Sea Isle. I had to fend for myself in the hot car . Sustained myself on peanuts and old french fries found under my pop’s seat. I stumbled on MCWs diaphragm under her seat and used it to break the glass to get out. Staggered back to the shore house. Had to fend off two stray dogs, a gang of hooligans from Delco, and a priest on a bike who wanted to show me his “steeple”. I made it back ok though. I am tough, just like Sam….Sam I Am….

  4. this is the most mouth breather-ish video ever

    so not surprisingly south philly neanderthals love it.

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