Utley and Rollins are Still Playing Spectacular Defense

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins connected for an acrobatic, glove-toss assisted put out at second base. You can just hear it in Harry’s voice: “What a great flip turned Utley to J-Roll™… to Adrian Gonzalez?” Oh no, the fantasy is ruined. And after all that, they didn’t get the double play anyway. It still looked great though.

You can catch a GIF of the glove flip and hear Vin Scully call the play after the jump.



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  1. You really can’t drum up anything other than this? Your jerk off material and JimME are gone. Get over it.

  2. The game last night didn’t end until like 3AM eastern time. How in the world did that unemployed drunk Murray from Mayfair stay up to watch?

  3. Utley has also made a couple WTF was that ? bad news bears plays at 2B for the Dodgers including one last night that helped the Giants take a 2 run lead.

    Utley isnt hitting like he was with the Phillis(.465 Aug ba, 1.322 OPS) Starting to look a little lost at the plate again.

  4. Hey Guys did you see Utley take that extra base in the 9th to almost win the game? Too bad Justin Turner + Crawford struck out and didnt get him in.

    Chase looks good in Dodger Blue.

    Go Dodgers

  5. …and they’ve also been no-hit twice since they’ve been reunited. So they’ve brought the spectacular (i.e. shitty) offense with them as well.

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