Xfinity Live! Hired Dan Baker to Be Their In-House Pa Announcer For Eagles Games

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This might be the smartest and coolest business decision any bar in Philadelphia has ever made: During 12 of the Eagles’ 15 remaining games this season, current Phillies (and former Eagles) PA announcer Dan Baker will be bringing his golden pipes to Xfinity Live! as their in-house PA guy.

According to a press release, he’ll be the “host of game day coverage during Philadelphia Eagles home and away games,” and he’ll announce the games over the PA system and lead fans in “Fly Eagles Fly” after every touchdown. Since its inception, Xfinity has been gaming for that “at the game” atmosphere, and they just took one giant leap in that direction. Here are the games Baker will be PA-ing:

  • Sunday, September 20 vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • Sunday, October 11 vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Monday, October 19 vs. New York Giants
  • Sunday, October 25 at Carolina Panthers
  • Sunday, November 8 at Dallas Cowboys
  • Sunday, November 15 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Sunday, November 22 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Sunday, December 6 at New England Patriots
  • Sunday, December 13 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Sunday, December 20 vs. Arizona Cardinals
  • Saturday, December 26 vs. Washington Redskins
  • Sunday, January 3 at New York Giants

Baker has been the Phillies public address guy since 1972 and did Eagles games from 1985 to 2014, so he’s already used to being around you drunken dopes. Good get for Xfinity.

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32 Responses

  1. Fat slob Josh Innes probably has no idea who this guy is.

    That fat slob never even heard HK announce a game. But let’s give him time on the radio talk about his gross eating habits and his girlfriends boobs. Fat slob.

    1. Called the eagles loss three months ago to the falcons. Fuck off Jeffy lurie’s midnight green eagles. Lurie is a douche

    2. Yeah, Josh came from Houston. Nobody from Houston knows about Harry. Hey wait – Harry came from Houston too…..

      Josh is fat. I can’t listen to him because the fat gets in the way. Hey wait – who cares that he is fat?

      Grow up.

  2. I’m looking at all the adds on the side of the screen, its all Mercedes, Rolex, Bergdorf Goodman… I cant figure it out. Then I realize that I’m rich as shit!

      1. My chinese adopted teenage daughter caught asbestos black lung disease making high qualify drywall for the evil running dog capitalists at LC homes..a pox on them.

  3. Um Chickie & Pete’s on the boulevard has been doing this for years. But you’re an ingrate and don’t bother looking up facts! Fight me in a parking lot!!!

  4. Jim, I’ve seen posters rag on you for your bland, outdated articles and thought you didn’t deserve the personal attacks. However in an otherwise decent article, you called your readers “drunken dopes”. Get off your pedestal and stop acting like a snobbish jerk.. There’s a bunch of high schooler probably sitting in study hall that can probably get a lot more done than you. Just resign and give someone else more deserving a job. I’m done with you.

      1. Kyle, did you forget to feed Jim his 2 pizza hot pockets and Sunny Delight for lunch again today? He came home looking quite peaked. Or did he just overwork again doing that writing stuff he told me his job is? Please take better care of him while I’m at “work”

  5. Dan Baker is annoying as shit. Horrible hire. Bet he gets free pussy too

  6. LOL how little imagination does this city have when it comes to stuff like this. there seriously aren’t any other decent announcers other than this washed up 65 year old?

  7. Am I missing something here?? How the fuck do people find that old annoying screaming pussy dan baker entertaining.

  8. The cap locks on the new format screen names annoying as fuck too. Fuck

  9. I’ve literally hated Dan Baker’s voice for almost my entire existence on this planet.

    So thanks for the head’s up. I now wouldn’t go anywhere near that place on a Sunday.

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