And now, we’re back to the “back to college” talk.

Yahoo columnist Pat Forde has a little fun trying to predict which college program Chip will run next year. He’s become “a pro piñata,” according to Forde. “After missing the playoffs last year and putting themselves in a playoff hole to start this year, you have to wonder: Will Kelly pull the rip cord on the NFL experiment and return to the level where he had wild success at Oregon?”

And what are those potential landing spots? In order of most likely to least likely, according to Forde:

  • South Carolina (15/1 odds)
  • Arizona State (25/1)
  • USC (35/1)
  • Texas (35/1)
  • Notre Dame (40/1)
  • Illinois (50/1)
  • Tennessee (75/1)
  • Oklahoma (100/1)

Just for shits and giggles, I tried to imagine Chip wearing a polo and hat from each of those teams and … goddamnit I can see it. I can see all of it. But that Notre Dame one would be fitting…