Yahoo Columnist Already Tries to Predict Where Chip Kelly Will Return to College

Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

And now, we’re back to the “back to college” talk.

Yahoo columnist Pat Forde has a little fun trying to predict which college program Chip will run next year. He’s become “a pro piñata,” according to Forde. “After missing the playoffs last year and putting themselves in a playoff hole to start this year, you have to wonder: Will Kelly pull the rip cord on the NFL experiment and return to the level where he had wild success at Oregon?”

And what are those potential landing spots? In order of most likely to least likely, according to Forde:

  • South Carolina (15/1 odds)
  • Arizona State (25/1)
  • USC (35/1)
  • Texas (35/1)
  • Notre Dame (40/1)
  • Illinois (50/1)
  • Tennessee (75/1)
  • Oklahoma (100/1)

Just for shits and giggles, I tried to imagine Chip wearing a polo and hat from each of those teams and … goddamnit I can see it. I can see all of it. But that Notre Dame one would be fitting…


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    1. Al call into 97 5 more with your expert opinions you fucking loser. “Johnny Marks!”

      You tried out for a host gig in Philadelphia as a Cowboys fan. How’d that work out by the way? Amazing you even attempted that.

  1. Whenever they need a new coach, can it just be s fucking normal coach. No more west coast offense or sports science just a god damn football coach.

    1. If you loved Brokeback Mountain, you’ll love it’s sequel: Croydon Cowboy. They’ll be plenty of sacks coming. Scrotum sacks that is.

    2. I should clarify, that cloud 9 is actually two 10 inch c0cks.

      I ride actual d!ck better than I do the Cowboys. Who knew!

      We Dem Boys!!!

  2. Enough already! I am so fucking sick of all these “experts” and loser fans (from all teams) jumping to conclusions. Sunday fucking sucked. It was the worst offensive performance I can ever remember seeing from a football team. That being said there are 14 games left. Let the man coach and the team play and we’ll see what happens.

      1. What does BDG stand for? Black Dildo Gobbler?

        Thanks but i’ll continue to not jump to conclusions after 2 games – in no way was my comment kiss ass you white trash mouth breather.

  3. Couple things guys. Fantasy talk Let’s get right to it. DeMarco. Lock of the week. Remember…guards do not matter in fantasy fb. Also…Jets defense looks “sore”. don’t know what that means…but sounds like something you would want to hear. Take care.

  4. Don’t know sh!t. Two weeks ago the Eagles were Super Bowl contenders with a genius head coach. Today they are seriously flawed with a fraud head coach.It’s a long season. Let it play out.

  5. My experience of this season so far has been 2 terrible games by the eagles. Followed by flags on every play, for every team, every game.And every commercial break b,eing subjected to watching retards on the draft kings and Fan duel commercials. ” my names bro brohansen and i turned 20 dollars into 365k on draft kings”. and whats worse is knowing that the “bro culture” is out there slamming bud lights being up for whatever and fueling these sites.But hey maybe “bro culture wins”

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