You Can Never Be Overdressed for a Phillies Game … Unless You Wear Cleats

Clank-a-clank-a-clank he goes loudly around the concourse. The crowd of barely 15,000 hears the echoes of his cleats through the echoes of their empty, silent, baseball hearts. He looks ridiculous, but we all feel that way.


The hat hologram is a nice tough though.

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17 Responses

  1. We were at the game tonight and saw this guy walking around outside the Majestic Clubhouse Store. Larry has really let himself go.

  2. Jesus Christ Jim you are less useful than a vagina at me and Bob’s apartment anymore. What the fuck is this useless article? Can’t you break a single piece of big news? Only thing less useful than Jim is a spearchucking monkey spook at a KKK meeting.

      1. I’m guessing if you’re a dumb pollock (a fish from the cod family) you have a very small dick. What a moron, if you’re going to denigrate yourself, at least get the right word…you dumb Polack.

  3. We all know if he were wearing a Phillies uniform, he would have been the 6th pitcher in the rotation. Still surprised there are actual Braves fan.

    1. A point that should be considered though i think that if he were that special he would have some sort of chaprone sitting with him. Another point that should be considered is let’s not cast stones……..we have a local tool of our own fan base that thinks it’s so cool to wear shoulder pads, paint his face, and speak in demonic voice while attending any and all Eagles events. I can only imagine what goes through the minds of other teams’ fans when they see him at away Eagles games.

  4. Yeah, what’s that fuckin’ idiot doing? Only N I G G E R S leave the sticker on and don’t curve the brim! Jim thinks it’s a nice tough though!

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