A Fan Is In Critical Condition After a Fight Outside Dodger Stadium This Weekend

A fan is in critical conditoin after a fight outside Dodger Stadium this weekend, but, more importantly, Santa is still reeling from the brief chill he got after a little bit of slushy snow got stuck between his naval and waistband.

LA Times:

Los Angeles police are looking for the people involved in a fight outside Dodger Stadium after Friday’s playoff game that sent one fan to the hospital with critical injuries.

Few details were available Monday, including the gender or age of the person who was injured. LAPD Officer Matthew Ludwig said the person remained hospitalized Monday in critical but stable condition.

The fight broke out in a parking lot about 10:30 p.m., after the Dodgers dropped the opening game of the National League Division Series to the New York Mets, 3-1. Ludwig said a verbal argument between fans escalated into the physical confrontation.

It was not clear whether the fans were from rival teams, Ludwig said.


via Deadspin

UPDATE: According to ABC7, the suspect is a tall man wiht blond hair. And it’s LA, so of course it was a tall man with blond hair. Suspect:

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  1. There have been a ton of bad incidents the past few weeks…none of them here. Can we just acknowledge that there are fucking crazy people everywhere, and Philly is no better or worse than other places in terms of fan behavior? That’d be swell.

    1. You would be suprised the range of what they consider “critical condition”. I read somewhere that his condition is already upgraded to stable condition which means he is resting nicely in a coma.

  2. I almost knocked out a saints fan on Sunday during the tailgate. Pussy should know better to come to My HOUSE & rock a saints jersey & Marci gras hat. Fucking pussy

  3. I worked 13 hours yesterday, and wrote a couple words. Stop busting my balls. I work SO HARD!

    1. Or when a fellow Rangers fan/Iraqi war veteran, was jumped and subsequently knocked by drunken Flyers fans, while attempting to get a Philly cheesesteak at Genos but of course Philly fans won’t bring that up because these types of incidents happens everywhere but Philly.

      1. Agreed. Phillies fan here. I can tell you that the biggest scumbag fans in all of sports are in Philly, along with the South Jersey trash that comes to the games. It’s a mentality that I have never understood. That’s why I moved out to the suburbs years ago. The city is total trash now. I follow the Phillies only at this point. Their “fans” can go eat a bag of dicks.

      2. “while attempting to get a Philly cheesesteak at Genos” – I know when you order one in Subway or Quiznos, or whatever shithole you think makes good sandwiches, it’s called a “Philly cheesesteak”, but since we’re actually in, ya know, “Philly”, just “cheesesteak” will suffice you fucking rube.

        1. And calling it a “Philly cheesesteak” is clearly grounds to beat a man into unconsciousness, right mouth breather?

  4. Nobody thinks throwing snowballs at santa is as bad as someone getting the shit kicked out of them. What makes Philly fans bad is that they post articles about people getting shot or beat up to the point that they’re in critical condition and then say “BUT HEY AT LEAST THEY DIDN’T THROW SNOWBALLS AT SANTA.” No class.

    1. Valid Point…the media is able to poke fun of the Santa Clause incident because nobody was harmed. I would think that the general consensus of the population (esp sports fans) know that every fanbase has some goons that are going to act like animals at a game. It’s much easier to mention snowballs being thrown at a Druken Santa then it is to nonchalantly mention a fan getting beaten into a coma, shot in the head, stabbed multiple time, etc.

  5. OK Kyle…we get it. There are shitty fans everywhere, not just Philly.

    You can stop posting about every fight/injury/attempted murder that occurs at the hands of drunken dipshits at any sporting event in the country.

  6. Wait a minute, my bad…

    This story was on Deadspin as well, so carry on in your standard fashion Kyle.

  7. The worst “fan” behavior in all of baseball is to be found at Dodger Stadium. And it has been that way for a long time (over a decade).

    I used to go to a game or two up there every season, but things have gotten progressively worse & worse there. I don’t know how anyone seriously considers taking their family to games there anymore. Before/during the games now they put PSA’s up on the big screen with a special hotline # to call in the event of a certain kind of “fan behavior” problems.

    It’s a real shame too, as Dodger Stadium is a beautiful ballpark. It is the closest thing to an old classic ballpark West of Chicago.

    My last trip there was game #5 of the 2008 NLCS. Wasn’t the safest I’ve ever felt at a game, but it was worth it.

    1. You don’t have to be PC here. The reason for the Dodger fan problem being by far the worse is clear. Mexican gang shit. They have been a major problem for years in LA at sporting events. They are criminals attending games there, everyone knows it, but turn a blind eye to what goes on there because it would be “anti-PC” to do otherwise. But the truth is known. And it isn’t racist to say so.

        1. “* San Fran”? No. Los Angeles. LA has the Mexican gang problem at their games. This isn’t debatable.

      1. Bob is correct on this. Now, going on the description of the suspect in this case, it may not apply, but in general it does. I’m a Philly transplant living in Orange County, CA, and I’ve been to Dodger games, and also some Niner games in SF, and let me spell out the difference between Philly and there: I’m not saying in Philly there aren’t a few genuine thug/goon types that stir stuff up at Eagles or Phillies games, but for the most part, it’s boozed up plumbers or insurance agents away from their wives for the day and acting like dopes. In Cali, there’s a genuine criminal element at games full of dudes sporting neck tattoos that have rap sheets a mile long. The guy that sucker punched the that guy in the bathroom at the Niner game last year is a prime example.

  8. The Romans had the Coliseum. Now every city has a coliseum (stadium). Fan Duel is the new punchline to the old joke ” What ? you wanna get fucked again ?” a fool and his Monet.

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