An Eagles Fan Filming Brian Westbrook’s Speech Got Hit in the Face with a Flying Cheesesteak, Here’s His Video

The gentleman who runs the website Independent Philly was filming Brian Westbrook’s Eagles Hall of Fame induction speech at halftime when, boom, cheesesteak, IN THE FACE. Also, a can of beer.

The video is after the jump, around the 1:40 mark.

Here’s how Dave described it to his friends on Facebook:

Brian Westbrook gets inducted into the Eagles HOF and I get hit directly in the face by a cheesesteak and a can of beer. Ease up on the birds on birds crime Philly. We definitely saw multiple fights between Eagles fans (save that nonsense for the away team)! Thanks for the crappy video quality Facebook.

Voila_Capture 2015-10-20_09-06-23_AM

On Twitter, Dave tells us that the cheesesteak was intended for another target– a different Eagles fan with whom the tosser was jawing:

This is the most Philly thing ever.




33 Responses

  1. Wish I could hit Jim in the face with a cheesesteak. And then a beer.

    And by the way – did you know that for 10years running, we are the #1 volume Nissan dealer in all of Feasterville? 10years! Can you believe nobody in Feasterville has sold more Nissans ?

    Just sayin!

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  3. Cool video bro. Seems like you had a great time at the game with those drunken assholes, skanky women, repulsive behavior and fantastic view of the game.

    Unless I’m in the suite with Brad Cooper and Jeff Lurie, I’m staying home and watching football on the 75″ HD screen. Cheap beer from the fridge, comfortable seat on the couch and no assholes and Delco trash to fight off and worry about.

    This doesn’t even take into account the cost of going to the games and dealing with traffic and security checkpoints to get in and out of the game. Awful experience for the fan to attend a football game anymore.

        1. Agreed. If you can afford it, go for it. I think the 27″ Zenith that Balls is watching his sports on makes him angry. Probably still has the rabbit ears…

          1. this isn’t 2001, you’re not master p, and this isn’t mtv cribs. you just look like a tacky asshole.

        2. I stream stuff on my ipad and other devices. Huge TVs are really tacky even in your mancave somewhere in Delco.

    1. Is “skanky women” some sort of insult? Just checking. All sorts of chicks putting out at the tailgates yesterday.

  4. Just skip to the last 4 seconds. All the other crap is boring crap.

    BUT, that flying cheesesteak was funny.

  5. Dude had to be black out, no way i am throwing food or beer at the game considering the prices, just bring batteries in.

  6. Judging by the accuracy of that throw – the suspected tosser was Sam Bradford.

  7. Isn’t a Linc cheesesteak like 20 bucks? Coulda thrown two full beers and had more fun with it.

    Just another underachiever at the Linc.

      1. Way better. Jimmy, Taylor probably top two artists on there. A whole lot of Fall Out Boy, late-90s, early 2000s pop-alternative, foo fighters, weezer, maroon 5, a little mraz and coldplay. I also had an American Idol faze because I enjoy a good cover, not a shitty Ryan Adams one.

  8. Josh Innes ran to the section to eat the cheese steak
    PS where is my $30k Bloom you dickhead

  9. I was in the section of the flying cheesesteak. I got video of my son wiping steak off his jersey and reaction of the fans. I had no idea what was happening. I was too focused on the ceremony. No vid of perp, though.

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