Here’s Chase Utley with a key takeout slide that murdered Ruben Tejada. Chase was, inexplicably, safe. Tejada was carted off with his knee in an air cast. The man.

The Dodgers, then down 2-1, rallied for four in the inning. Game changed.

UPDATE: His leg is broken.


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  1. Chase – You. Are
    The Fucking Man.

    Sorry that the lowlifes that play (and cheer) for the Mets don’t understand that this is the PLAYOFFS and the object is to win at all costs

  2. It was clearly hard but not dirty according to Cal Ripken (who should know) and I agree.
    Saw that there on Twitter. Chase has big balls. & I don’t understand why double A’s hate him

  3. How was he “inexplicably safe”? He didn’t even tag the bag. Quit blowing him already.

  4. Dirty fucking play and if somebody did that to Utley and/or Rollins in their hey day, that person would be crucified for the rest of their career every time they played in Philly.
    Low class, and quintessential Philly fan, to celebrate that shit.

  5. if you watch the accidental collision, chase takes a knee to the face which knocks off his helmet then bangs his head on the infield yet he gets up and trots off. tejada is laying there like a high school prom date needing an air cast and a cart. this just proves my point: mets suck and are pussies.

  6. Being ‘the man’ isn’t breaking someone’s leg. A player got hurt and you’re celebrating it. Weak.

  7. Ostensibly, Kyle, ostensibly loves Chase. Be a bit more discrete, ostensibly, ofcourse.

  8. You can’t serious? Of course this was dirty play, he didn’t even start his slide until he was a foot away from the bag. Plus he didn’t even touch the bag. Don’t forget to wipe off Kyle Scott, get off the dudes dick

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