Chip Kelly, Soon Leaving for USC, Reportedly Bought a House in New Jersey

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Even after he flat-out denies it, Chip Kelly cannot shake the rumors that he’s interested in the USC job (or really, any college job). So buying a house locally won’t dissuade those who don’t take his word for it, but that’s what Chip did, according to reports:

BGN’s Brandon Lee Gowton confirms that Kelly’s new house is somewhere in New Jersey.

If anyone has more information, there’s a t-shirt from the Crossing Broad Store in it for you. We need to know where to send flowers/a new USC sweatshirt.


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  1. I’ve heard rumors it’s in Moorestown, NJ. Where Mcnabb, TO, Desean, Runyan, and many other Eagles purchased houses before.

  2. Why is Brian Westbrook giving 94wip interviews when he’s currently employed by 97.5 the fanatic?

  3. You can pretty much guarantee if he bought a house in NJ that it’s either in Moorestown or Haddonfield.

  4. Both Chip Kelly & Wayne Simmonds purchasing in Haddonfield. Not the same house, ofcoursely.

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