Chip Kelly, Who Has a Job, is Front-Runner for the USC Job

The whole “he’s going back to college” thing has followed Chip Kelly around since the second he left Oregon. Why? I’m not exactly sure. Some people are convinced the NCAA is a bigger coaching job than the NFL [editor’s note: why anyone thinks traveling around the country to woo high school kids, and kissing the ass of donors, is glamorous is beyond me]. But the Chip Kelly-to-USC rumors were already flying around when Steve Sarkisian was the school’s coach last week. Now that he’s been fired, it’s a free-for-all.

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Paul Finebaum said on Mike and Mike this morning that Chip is one of two leading candidates for the USC job. And Dennis Doddddddd wrote that Kelly “is the top candidate until he says he isn’t,” which is sort of like saying Mila Kunis is your next girlfriend until she presses stalking charges against you. Dodd continues, the force becoming weaker in him the more he wrote:

If his NFL career devolves into some sort of Spurrier-esque dalliance, then Chipper is a perfect fit. Even if Kelly wins nine games this year, he’d have to at least seriously consider the opportunity …

If it hasn’t happened already, there will be influential boosters/administration who will at least gauge Kelly’s level of interest. USC has to, doesn’t it? (Though the school’s track record for due diligence isn’t great lately.)

Kelly will want to know who the athletic director is going to be which may accelerate the scrutiny on Haden. As for the spread coming to Troy: Never mind the program’s pro-style leanings. You want to win, don’t you?

Okay, first things first: Taking into account Jeffrey Lurie’s loyalty and the fact that he essentially handed the keys to his $1 billion toy to Kelly this offseason, Chipper could lose every game for the rest of the year and he still might not lose his job… so he’d have to quit on his own accord. Secondly, “even if Kelly wins nine games this year, he’d have to at least seriously consider the opportunity”? Anything is possible, but that’s just a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to say– in what world is a moderately successful NFL coach leaving just as his rebuild begins? And “influential boosters”? Ooooooh. They definitely have more pull than, I dunno, the desire to coach and win in the NFL. Because they’re boosters. And boosters are very important in the eyes of boosters.

Dodd’s point about Kelly being the top candidate until he says he isn’t, which I know I already addressed, doesn’t even matter. For one thing, even if he says “College and I are never ever ever getting back together,” that won’t slow the roll of these rumors. And also, Chip wouldn’t come out and DENY THAT HE IS A TERRIBLE RACIST, so what makes you think he’d specifically address this?


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    1. Jim, don’t steal Kyle’s bit where he adds extra letters to the end of a name like you did with “Doddddddd.” That bit is painfully unfunny and it pisses me off. Don’t do that Jim. Don’t be a Kyle.

  1. I get why you have to report on it, but this is a BS non-story. Cuz was all over it until each and every one of his call in guests told him he was being an idiot.

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  3. Readers, I have a question. My 300 pound wife just divorced me because I have erectile dysfunction, I have no job, and I spend all my time trolling sports blogs. My question is should I move to Darley Green?

  4. anyone who thinks this is a non story is kidding themselves. Chip is a college guy first and foremost. Everything from play calling to his mentality. He would be worshiped at usc and they will definitively make him a ridiculous offer. He would be able to recruit from one of the most fertile high school talent pools in the nation from day one. Think about it why coach in the pros when you can go to anyone of these top schools and be treated as royalty. Harbaugh, Saban, you think they miss the pros no way. In fact Chip wavered on leaving Oregon and without the sanctions levied against the school he would have probably never left.

    1. This. I agree with with like 90% of this (I think the play calling mentality thing is silly, but whatever we can disagree and that’s fine). The USC job is probably one of the best coaching jobs in all of football. The school has recruited for itself, forever. A lot of money, TV exposure, access to resources. To think that if they call and Chip isn’t going to listen is stupid.

    2. Go back to college, win a few titles and come back to the N F L when he is 60 and win a ring.

  5. Regardless whether he is a real candidate or not, this shouldn’t be a story right now locally. The Eagles have a game for 1st place in the division against the Giants. The fact this is being discussed on radio shows just proves how lazy sports talk is in this town. The logic behind it makes no sense though. The Eagles put up 39 on Sunday and yet they are “struggling”. They beat a bad team like they should have.

    1. Its a story because if Chip is not the guy long term everything starts over. Not just from a head coach stand point but the entire front office. So you can say its a non story but you are only kidding yourself. Also it’s not just the local media fueling this its a national story with legit reasoning behind it.

      1. Wait till the end of the year then is what I’m saying. If he isn’t successful this year then speculate. But to have this conversation now is just lazy journalism. Another reason to wait and not feed this fire is that usc wouldn’t hire anyone till after the season for both college and nfl. No need to throw random reports out now. Anyone who buys this rumor right now is someone who has been waiting for chip to fail to say that they were right all along

        1. It’s all but confirmed that Chip Kelly is on their short list of guys they want. I’m not sure where the “laziness” and “rumors” are? No one is saying Kelly will leave, people are saying that USC is going to make a push for him.

          1. So because the very obvious “School with good football program and rich boosters are interested in good football coach” hasn’t been officially confirmed, you’re going to write it off as a nothing more than a meaningless rumor?


    2. Classic Chip move, beat up on the garbage teams and lose to anyone with any remote level of talent. Giants by 17.

  6. College would be a huge step back for Chip. He wants to build the machine that Belichick has in NE, and this rebuild will take time. Super Bowl in 2016 or 17. He knows it would be insane to leave with the keys to everything here. He’ll try to become head coach of the Tennessee Titans before he goes back to college.

    1. There is no Brady here and Bill is way smarter than Chip. This was the needle in the haystack. It might occur once every 25 years. You really think coaching a storied team like U S C is a step back.

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