College GameDay Will Spend Halloween in Philadelphia

As rumored, ESPN’s College GameDay will be coming to Philadelphia on Saturday for the Temple/Notre Dame showdown at the Linc. Previous reports said GameDay would set up shop at Independence Mall. USA Today reported that the issues in securing that location may have been the hold up:

According to a report from the Philadelphia Business Journal, GameDay wants to host the show in Independence Mall in Philadelphia. Independence Mall is a National Historic Site, and because of that ESPN may need permission from the city government to use the location for filming.

It’s unclear if that’s what caused the hold up, but if they needed the government buildings to open up on Monday morning to get the proper permits, GameDay may have had to wait. But they’ve made the call now, and GameDay is headed to Philly.

We’ll update this post here when more info comes in.

UPDATE: SportsCenter confirmed that College GameDay will be on Independence Mall.

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32 Responses

      1. what every temple fan would love to be true, but it isn’t
        Temple is going to get slapped back to reality

    1. Notre Dame fans are really the best, especially the racist ones (that’s all of them).

      1. Notre Dame is the most overrated program in the history of college sports. They literally haven’t done shit. I’m surprised they actually traveled to Philly as they usually try to schedule 9 of 12 games at home. Join a conference you pussies.

  1. Going to be a lot of pussy tailgating . Can’t wait to get my creep on & try to get my dick sucked

  2. Joe Younes aka Godfatherlocks is DOWN units lifetime (huge sample size) yet continues to try and rip people off by juking his stats to appear profitable. He has also been caught multiple times deleting losses from his historical record. In reality, this fat fuck is down a shit load over 4500 picks but he’s delusional enough to think he’s good at it and he’s a big enough scum bag to take money from people for his long-term losing handicapping.

    Joe, suck on a tailpipe for about 20 minutes you POS.

    1. Why would anybody but somebody else’s picks?

      If you are stupid enough to buy picks off somebody and then turn around and bet them – especially some idiot producing a mid afternoon radio show – then you deserve whatever you have coming to you.

  3. Godfather-locks: The BEST time to buy a plan is now! NFL, NBA, NCAAF & WORLD SERIES all happening! Let’s make that $$

  4. We already have issued a cease and desist for all sign making this weekend.

    Additionally, our client is curious to know Sam Ponder’s favorite Jello flavor.

  5. What a time to be a PSU fan, your program is still known as “Ped U”, the coaching carousel continues, Harbough and Myer will run the conference for the next 10 years with Michigan State occasionally getting a bone, and Temple has a better team. Well at least you still have thon and the “we are” chant i suppose.

    1. Most PSU fans are happy for Temple. Because they aren’t sad, pathetic, human beings

      GO OWLS!

    1. just stop. Other than 2 or 3 sanction seasons since 2000, Penn State gets top 10, even top 5 recruiting classes and finishes 8-4 Clinical underachievers. No one ever holds the coaching responsible for their shortcomings (that means two things) so PSU fans just go from praising their elite 5 star recruiting class to saying a 9-3 season “isn’t that bad” while the rest of the Big Ten teams win things.

      Penn State always has a better recruiting class than what Chip Kelly had in Oregon. Chip got those 4 star recruits winning.

  6. Rocky has been played out for 20 years

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