DeMarco Murray is Upset about His Touches

After today’s pitiful loss to the Redskins, DeMarco Murray sounded off about the number of carries he’s getting. Specifically, according to Eliot Shorr-Parks, that the number is too low:

“Do I think I’m touching the ball? Umm…No I’m not. I don’t think I am … I knew what I was coming in here to do. I knew I was going to be the guy. I knew (Darren) Sproles and (Ryan) Mathews were two great backs. I knew with this offense, a lot of guys touch the ball.”

Last year, Murray touched the ball – and this is mathematical – a whole bunch. This year, not a ton:

It’s baffling that Murray isn’t getting the ball more, but that’s just one of many baffling things going on with Chip Kelly’s gameplan.

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43 Responses

  1. Uh oh, he’s mouthing off and Chipper doesn’t like that…maybe they’ll fucking trade him for a kicker…..SHUT YOUR FUCKING SPOOK MOUTH

      1. Why do I have to listen to these assholes Tribesmen Barkann and Rendell and “Hall of Famer” RDiddy BS us with how they knew all along that the OLine was weak and Chip should have addressed it and yet these clueless fucks all picked them 13-3 and 12-4???????
        I don’t want Eagles cheerleaders SalPal, Mike Miss, Gargano, Cataldi, Eskin etc etc I want unbiased analysis —–FUCK THEM ALL!

        1. Did you just copy and paste your own response from another page, or vice versa? Regardless, I waste too much time on this blog. Congratulations, Kyle, time for me to grade papers.

  2. I did it again. Got rid of a castoff to Lurie and his imbecile college coach. And to you Eagles’ fans who rip me. I made my money in oil and not being a failure all my life with Auntie Gotrocks bailing out nephew Jeffrey with a $200 million gift to buy that Mickey Mouse outfit which is the Eagles. 0 for 49 in Super Bowls…..dreadful.

  3. I knew with this offense, a lot of guys touch the ball. He is not complaining. Press trying to stir things up…..again.

  4. It’s not really “baffling.” The offensive line sucks. Unlike the other two backs, Murray can’t generate shit without a good line.

    Chip gets no excusal for Peters being injured and occasionally sucking. That’s what 33 year olds do. A coach who wasn’t trying to revolutionize football would have addressed that. He would ignore his star black players when they start to shuck and jive and X to the Z and hippity hop, instead of freaking out and shipping them out of town. As a result, he would have a first and second round pick and $15 million FA dollars to invest in the O-Line, which Chip Kelly doesn’t have.

  5. Dennis Kelly is a beast. He’s was handling his business today . If they had a FG kicker they win. Don’t jump off the bandwagon now!!!!

  6. As a hardcore Cowboys fan I knew this was not going to work especially the way Kelly runs Oregon’s offense, Murray is not that type of RB and secondly shut up Murray and collect your awesome check you could have stayed in Dallas but you made a business decision (the grass isn’t always greener on the other side) LOL lmao losers

    1. I didn’t stay up for the Cowboys / Saints game last night – who won?

      Oh the Cowboys play the Pats next week? Yeah, they have a shot there.

      F*ck outta here troll.

  7. Spook n1gger needs to shut his spearchucking mouth. MLB playoffs that’s what real sports lovers will be watching next weekend

  8. The good news is that the only Philly team that matters got a win yesterday. This ballclub has a lot of potential. Kyle, how about an MLB draft breakdown ? I could write it for you. The Phillies have the #1 pick and none of your morons are even talking about it.

    1. ok Bob, how many people watched the Phillies game on tv yesterday? probably less than 200 people. How many people watched the Eagles on tv yesterday? millions. So your whole argument about Philly being a baseball city is ridiculous. The NFL tv ratings dwarf MLB. Every year the World Series ratings get lower and the Super Bowls get higher. Baseball is not dying…its dead.

      1. What ratings are you looking at??!!!

        Neilson??? Please…. Give me a break!!!
        Everybody knows they are the most BS ratings system. The World Series had double the TV audience of the Super Bowl last year. And here in Philly??? How many Eagles hats do you see around the city??? None. How many Phillies hats ??? Thousands everyday!!! Go work on your fantasy football team you savage!!!

        1. Bob, I have several questions for you.
          1- why are you so stupid?
          2- why do you hate football so much?
          3- why do you love baseball so much?
          4- are all the hardcore gay comments really you?

  9. The first half was all in Bradford. There were several plays where he had plenty of time and he was too scared to throw. Second, drops drops drops …. Why is it that the skins catch everything and we dropped half the passes??? The d played well… The O didn’t stay on the field long enough and by the final drive the d was too tired.

    1. What channel were you watching the Eagles game on? In the first half Bradford was running for his life, most times getting killed in the progress. How do you know there were open receivers? Does your tv allow you to see downfield with a special camera?
      In the second half, when the O line actually gave him some time, and chip started calling different plays, Bradford gave you a glimpse of what could be. The fuckin guy is running for his life out there. then when he does have time, the receivers drop the ball. At least three first downs were dropped by receivers yesterday, two by Sproles and another drop by overrated Matthews. Matthews is looking for the interfrerence call instead of just catching the damn ball!
      On a side note, if the NFL doesn’t do away with these ticky-tacky Defensive holding penalties or hitting the guy after five yards, this league is doomed. it’s getting unwatchable. DO AWAY WITH THAT STUPID PENALTY AND GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS WHEN YOU COULD BUMP THE GUY UNLESS THE BALL WAS IN THE AIR, AND DO AWAY WITH REPLAY.

  10. losers? says the a$$hole who logs onto a philly blog EVERYDAY to repeat the same sh it that everyone already knows everyday. WE get it dude, you have no friends nor social life, im sure. I’m curious, do you live in the area, or are you from that shit hole city where the other c0ck roaches live? either way, I’m all but sure that you are either jobless, friendless or pu$$yless. which one? all three? yea, that’s what I thought you di ck licker.

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