Eagles: Jason Peters Injured

Pretty much the worst thing that could have happened to the Eagles did today, as Jason Peters went out with a non-contact injury in the first quarter. Players from both sides stood around or took a knee as he was carted off, a sign of the respect he holds.

It looked like an achilles heel blowout or maybe a calf injury on the replay. but the team later announced it was a “lower back” injury and that he was headed for X-rays.

The offensive line had just started to stabilize in the last two wins after a terrible start in games one through four.

After Peters’ departure, Matt Tobin replaced him at left tackle. He played very well until the final drive, when Jared Allen beat him for two sacks and hit Bradford’s arm on a third play. But the bench was already very thin before Peters’ injury, and this is a major setback going forward.


After the game, the tentative word is not as bad as it first looked.

mclane tweet 10-25-2015

UPDATE 2: Peters said after the game that he had back spasms and promised to be back on November 8th for the Cowboys game.

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9 Responses

    1. If you’re referring to your Lord & Savior Chip Kelly as the Gm I totally agree he’s the one who drafted bums like Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff as well as Zach Ertz and got rid of Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, and now look at our current receivers and tight ends, they stink!!!

  1. Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a fuckin’ train wreck of a team! I know the Redskins are not going anywhere, but the blind pathetic Eagles fans believe they’re winning the Super Bowl every fuckin’ year!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. Anybody else notice that this guy gets “injured” literally every single game? Granted this one looks legitimate, but I feel like he is on the ground more than any other eagle.

  3. Glad to see the big guy is alright. For a second there I thought he was going to have to be euthanized on the field. Was happy to see the flatbed roll out on the field to cart him off.

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