Giants Fan Basically Asking for Fight Gets One, Loses

The "I made a mistake" moment

Look, I do not condone fighting in like 98% of settings. It’s unnecessary. A verbal beat-down can do the same amount of damage with a real “embarrassed and ashamed to be alive” add-on. It’s underused. But when a dude is yelling “Come on now” at just about anyone who will listen, he’s gotta at least expect that someone who probably matched him drink for drink is gonna square up with him. And fair warning: If one day this guy in the Giants jersey is you, for God’s sake be more prepared than this:

[h/t Barstool]

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81 Responses

    1. I am a die-hard Philly fan, but I never understood the purpose risking one’s job, possessions, and even freedom because another fan is wearing an opposing team’s garb. then again, sweatpants and a pair of tims tells me this dude is not risking much of a career anyway.

      1. He didn’t get lit up because he was wearing the wrong jersey. He got lit up because he was acting like an asshole. KUDOS

        1. Agreed he is acting like an asshole, but unless the jackass actually lays his hands on me, I am not risking my job and freedom just because some toolbag is being an asshole. At some point in life, you grow up and you walk away from assholes like him,. Obviously, you have yet to grow up or you don’t have much to risk when you see it worth a risk to fight some asshole just for being an asshole.

          1. Agreed. Is a football game or some white trash talking junk worth fighting over? This is the form of behavior when you have nothing to lose. Maybe their mom might kick them out of the house if they get arrested?

    2. LOVE IT. Talking shit LOUDLY with his FAT girlfriend (typical ghetto trash) and then gets knocked the F out when he can’t back up his mouth.
      Love when he gets called out for being Puerto Rican trash too.

    1. If you’re going to try and be me at least be accurate. It’s Santa Claus, not clause. I’m not some form of grammar.

  1. notice how none of the philly fans , including the assailant, continued to kick and beat him while he was down. Unlike those filthy Mexican animals out in California… dodgers fans, raiders fans, niners fans…..

      1. Cause philly fans are seasoned vets when it comes brawlin. Not like those Mexican pigs out in Cali, can’t wait for Trump to throw those beaners out of this country.

        1. Guess you don’t remember when someone was beat to death in the parking lot at a Phillies game a few years back – and they were both philly fans

          1. White north philly trash are a disgrace to Philly, especially other whites.
            But, unlike the REAL racists, whites call for their arrest and prosecution regardless of the fact that they share the same white skin.

            Ghetto racists all lie to protect every black criminal solely based on the fact that they share the same skin, and then they burn and loot their own neighborhoods like the animals they are when their convicted felon thugs get what they deserve.

    1. In THIS video yes, but I witnessed a brief brawl out in the P parking lot walking to my car where somebody apparently cut in line for the porta potty and a mini quick brawl ensued. This had one guy getting choked on the ground while 2 or 3 others kicked him, until a cop strolled over picked up a guy and slammed him into the port potty lol…..whole thing lasted 45 seconds, cause everybody scattered after that.

        1. In THIS video yes, but I witnessed a brief brawl out in the P parking lot walking to my car where somebody apparently cut in line for the porta potty and a mini quick brawl ensued. This had one guy getting choked on the ground while 2 or 3 others kicked him, until a cop strolled over picked up a guy and slammed him into the port potty lol…..whole thing lasted 45 seconds, cause everybody scattered after that.

    2. Yeah the giants’ fan is lucky the eagles’ fan let up like a hockey player when he layed him out. He could have done some serious damage there.

  2. Jim,
    Honestly, please stop. Your writing is awful. Your choice of topics is dreadful. Please, just stop posting. Also, you should be embarrassed and ashamed to be alive. That line is the most useful thing you’ve ever given the readers.
    The Committee to Restore CB

      1. No not so fast pussy

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  3. My daddy is number one 10 years in a row. He knocks over the competition like an eagles fan knocks over a loudmouth

  4. Surprise, surprise! A Philly sports blog reveling in the fact that a fan beat up someone who roots for an opposing team.

    Enjoy your short time at the top, losers. Our injured players are coming back soon and we will be flushing you down the toilet where you belong. Next week you’ll be posting a video of some “fan” sucker punching a woman in a Panthers jersey after your team gets taken apart. Fucking losers.


    1. Fans whose teams didn’t play this week should just stopping talking. I know its almost impossible for a Dallas fan to keep from saying stupid things but, do us all a favor, try really hard.

    2. PHILLY COWBOY FANS- Make sure to wear your Cowboys gear and to run your mouths down at the Linc so you can get knocked the F out like the trash in this videos. Love the look of concussed confusion in the eyes of Philly Cowboy fans looking up from the concrete after they get knocked the F out after starting a fight.

      1. Bullshit. Eagles fans are good at throwing sucker punches, ganging up on people, or getting tough when one of your boys in Zubaz pants and a fanny pack is holding him back.

        What section do you sit in? I’ll be at the game in my Smith jersey and would love to say hi. I guarantee you won’t say a fucking word to my face.

        1. I always ask WHY a Philadelphian is a Cowboys fan first. I bought a guy and his GF a drink when he responded that his father played on the Cowboys proctice squad and I am ALWAYS polite when they have a good reason.
          When the don’t have a good reason, scumbag Philly Cowboys fans usually start getting aggressive and talking shit in my face.
          That’s when I usually spit in their face and wait for them to throw a haymaker, then I lay them the F out.
          Dead serious. No joke.
          If it ends badly for me, I gladly take a beating or a charge to defend my city and team.

          To all the Philadlephia Cowboys fans, you are scumbags with no sense of loyalty or price.
          You scumbags are like Americans who root for the Iranians in the Olympics.
          STFU and stay home, be polite, or you get what you deserve. . ..

  5. And you won’t get beat down and treated like one.

    Why do bro’s all think it’s cool to talk like a fucking ghetto, white-trash neanderthal?

    1. I’ll never get white dudes that talk like that. Also white chicks thinking it’s cool to Sao nlgga on social media is cringe worthy too

    2. Let’s be honest, he probably is a white trash neanderthal. I mean, you can tell the guy is an asshole just because of the red Sheli jersey he was wearing.

  6. That wigger lowlife deserved it. Deserves that fat fuck chick he is with too!!
    I would have gave him some courtesy kicks in the ground tho. G & A style !! Pussy what!!!

  7. I’ll never understand why people fight at games. Unless something really warrants a fight, fighting because you like a sports team and hate another is pathetic. It’s a game. Who cares who someone else likes.

  8. Hahaha. Who videod me laying this pussy OUT? I told all you FOOLS you can’t come in MY HOUSE and talk that SHIT. This PUSSY wants more he can contact me here.


    1. The sad thing is that you are proud of yourself as are a lot of the morons that are condoning this. Pathetic, get a job

  9. Typical classless white trash known as Eagles fans. Was that guy be an asshole? Absolutely, but just shut up and let him walk. Nope, gotta go and do the typical Eagles fan thing. Hopeful all of you fans get gonorrhea of your assholes. F…E…C…A…L

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    1. You forgot to mention the beer drinking begins before noon, and the hard liquor ends the day when his bread winner wife comes home from her minimum wage shift at the 7-11, then he beats her to a pulp..

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