Here’s a Mets Fan Threatening to Kill Chase Utley


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  1. This guy’s too stupid to realize I’m on my way to NY, but go ahead and get that “plan” ticket to LA.

  2. I am not a mean or violent person. Im on really not. Glad to get that out of the way.

    I want the next pitch Chase Utley sees vs. this team at his head. Only reason chase gets a pass because he be a white

    1. You’re not very good with the English language either. You’re really not let me be the first to tell you.

  3. He also said World Fucking Champions. So the team in the Big Apple can eat it!

  4. The only thing more pathetic than this guy is Kyle Scott drooling over Chase Utley like a high school girl on twitter for the past 3 hours.

  5. Chase Utley took out the shortstop on a double play. It’s happened thousands of times before. It will happen thousands of times again. But, it’s New York, which means it is the dirtiest play ever, and Chase Utley should be murdered because he played within the existing rules. Sorry, #lolmets, Chase plays hard and due to his hard playing, your boys lost. I’d think you’d be used to it by now…

  6. Happy to provide my equipment for the middle infielders now…#5thPlaceTrophies #ChangeTheRulesLikeTheyDidForMe #IamStillScaredOfRunnersRounding3rd

  7. If Torres suspends utley that still does not make it fair because he stayed in utley cheated therefore the game should be replayed because it would have been a double play easily. Suspensions mean nothing why give the Dodgers the win they don’t deserve it they cheated . Or redo the 7th inning from the beginning no outs just started all over from the 7th I rest my case you know the Phillies have a history I’ve always cheating and uggler was always there with them this its not the first time that he has tried this and plowed into the Mets constantly only this time someone is seriously hurt and he needs to pay for it if it was on the other side he would want retribution for himself..

  8. Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins: together causing Mets nightmares since 2002.

    Sounds Tshirt worthy

  9. Chase, you da man. WFC! WTF? Can’t beat those old Phils. Hey, did you know Buddy Harrelson was the SS on the ’69 Mets? He later backed up Larry Bowa on the Phils. Let’s Go Mets, and bleed Dodger Bllue for dear ol’ Tommy Lasorda!

  10. What you people are missing on radio this morning. Some nuggets. Joe Foulkes had a weird jump shot but George Yardley had perfect form. The Eastern Basketball League which I played for ten years was the top league with better players than the NBA. Stacey Arsenault invented the jump shot.

  11. I want to give Jessica Dean a rainbow kiss.

    That means I want to eat her out when she’s on her period.

    Mmmmmm juices.

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