Here’s Zac Rinaldo Head Hunting Sean Couturier

I’m gonna go ahead and diagnose Couturier with a concussion. I somehow like Zac Rinaldo less as an opponent than when he was here. Didn’t think that was possible.


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  1. Pretty Quick to post about drama. This site is basically one huge ad-Drama riddled pile of shit

  2. No talent pill popping pussy Zac attack. I would love to hit him in the back the head with a 2 by 4. Hate his guts .
    Would love to sucker mason too for sucking

  3. Hockey has become fucking unwatchable, how the hell is this a dirty hit? “The next Ron Francis” Coots has his head down and Rinaldo lays a shoulder into him, didn’t leave his feet. Hockey has become worse than soccer, players diving all over the place, faking injuries, penalties being called left and right. 20 years ago the NHL was amazing, now it’s a bunch of guys who can’t skate and take dives to draw penalties, the product is just awful

    1. I’d like to see you go out there, and take a hit like that. Concussions are a pretty serious thing. I’d rather have my favorite player have a 15+ year career in the NHL, and not have a career ending hit, because he’s had too many concussions.

      1. I agree concussions are serious. Want to make them stop? Take the contact out of Hockey, don’t half ass it and allow checking but throw a guy out of a game and start talking suspension for a hit like the one last night. That hit was textbook, but since a guy got the wind knocked out of him all of a sudden the hit was dirty. This is what happens when you allow dumb shit like a 2 min penalty for high sticking becomes a 4 min just because a guy draws blood. There seems to be this notion that people just want to see players beat the crap out of each other and guys head hunting, and the new age hockey hipsters think that’s been cleaned up, but in reality all the NHL is now are guys looking to take a dive because they know refs are looking to call every little thing, not because of safety, but because powerplays=more goals. The sport has been dumbed down so bad that the hockey ratings have fallen off a cliff over the last 15 years…it’s figure skating with pads and more falls, great entertainment!

        1. wells said…its just about un watchable. I remember the days not that long ago, that me and my college buddies wouldn’t miss a game on tv! Its barely spoken about anymore, and the fact that the FLyers have blown the last 3 years, makes it easier to.

        2. Please explain to me why a team – any team – needs a guy like Rinaldo anymore then? The only threat he is on the ice is to hurt somebody. He’s not scoring or making good passes or anything other than hitting anything that moves. How does that make hockey a better game? Concussions are serious. 20 years ago they didn’t know that. Now they do and the league is going to do something about it. They really have no choice; same as the NFL.

    2. Hey Rev. Mikey Miss, I guess we will never be rid of fossils like you. The game is more watchable than ever. The players are more skilled than ever. The goons from your age of hockey would never even get their sticks on the puck in todays hockey. My advice to you is don’t watch, turn on the WWE, although that is probably above your IQ Tough Guy

        1. By fossil he meant fans who only want to see hits and fights genius. Maybe you’ll mature by your 30’s

  4. Rinaldo has become a complete scumbag. There was a point in time when his value as an energy player was quite high. He drew penalties in bunches, fought guys a lot bigger than him, dished out huge LEGAL hits, etc. Rinaldo was fun to watch, now we just wait for him to do the next incredibly stupid thing to get himself suspended.

    The Bruins are not a particularly good team, but they are making the Flyers look like AHL level talent. Not getting a single shot on goal during a major and giving up a shortly is all you need to know about how bad this team is. Mason looks like crap. Why was he out so many games????How many coaches need to get fired before the franchise realizes that this “core” sucks and is never going to win a [email protected] thing? I’m
    Fired fuck up & drunk mother fuck

  5. as Rackey said to Youngblood “keep your head up prick.” Not a damn thing wrong with that hit.

  6. that hit was totally legal, rule number one in hockey is keep your head up and on a swivel. if that hit would have happened with Zach on the flyers we would be going crazy that they called a major, just because someone got hurt. are you kidding me.

    Fuck the mets

    1. Totally legal? How is a shoulder to the chin while leaving your feet legal? If you cheered for that than when Zac was here you don’t care about winning. He does nothing but hurt his teams chances of winning. He was a D-bag here and now he is a bigger D-bag in Boston.

      1. when did he leave his feet? not even after he made contact did his feet not come off the ground. he lead with his shoulder into the chest of coots and then up it was not a direct shot at his head, had sean been looking forward and not down at the puck he would have had his head up higher and not have taken it on the chin. Its not the nfl, you can have your head down and get hit, but guess what happens when you do that, you get knocked the fuck out. and what i was saying about if that had happened the other way around the crowd would have erupted in cheers and then a night of “Ref you suck!” chants. I love Philly sports and im a huge flyers fan but sometimes you need to take a step back and see what really happened.

        Fuck the mets

  7. Since I am a sports anchor, I will comment. I think it was a dirty hit. Why do hockey players have to be so mean? Kinda like the way people treat me on twitter. cant we all just be friends. And I am hotter than Sarah Baiker.

  8. I hate Rinaldo but this is not a dirty hit. A little late sure, but he wasn’t head hunting. Enough for the narrative- it’s hockey.

    1. “I Saw the Vai”. Which one of you boners left that message ? Literally gave me duece chills when they played it on the Bitch and Complain Line. No wonder Philly sports fans get ridiculed.

  9. Hockey is even more unwatchable than football. Please stop posting about it. Where are the posts about the NLCS? Baseball!

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