Horrible Yinzer Steals Puck From Small Child

F@#%ing Yinzers.

Former Penguins coach and longtime glasses wearer Dan Bylsma, who was in the steel city with his Sabres last night, must still have a soft spot for the Yinz, as he tossed a puck to a small Penguins fan behind the bench. Problem– people from Pittsburgh are bad people:


Luckily, Bylsma noticed what happened – perhaps thanks to his sweet, sweet frames – and sometime later found another puck – to go along with a new Sidney Crosby sweater (gross) – to send the kid home happy… or at least as happy as you can be when you have to drive over seven yellow bridges through a cloud of steel dust to return to your terrible existence on the other side of the state.

Meanwhile, the Flyers lost 4-1 to Devils and looked positively awful.

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15 Responses

  1. Yeah right guys, that kid is too young to enjoy the value of that puck. That guy can atlas sell it and make some money, the kid would just waste it and put it in his room.

    I’d do the same thing that guy did. That kid should have been in bed anyway.

  2. Can you please remove that post by Jim about the Sixers/Lost. I want to stop being reminded it ever existed

  3. Never hated Bylsma that much. He seems too dweeby to hate.

    Everyone from the ‘burghhhhh’ is gross and smells of rancid pigs feet.

  4. Anybody know if the former Pittsburgh girl, Princess Sass , is still sucking Scotty Laughton’s dick?

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