Injuries all over the place


LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles both got hammered in game three against Washington last year, and neither was the same for a few games. Shady took a helmet-to-helmet spear from David Amerson that left him splayed out on the field for a while; he had 19 carries for 22 yards that day, and was 10 for 17 the following week at San Francisco. Foles was nearly suplexed on Chris Baker’s cheap shot that led to a bench clearing brawl.

This game against Washington may be even worse. The Eagles started with only five active defensive linemen, and before the end of the first quarter DE Brandon Bair — starting in place of the injured Cedric Thornton — was out for the game with a groin injury.

Two other defensive starters were on the bench after the Skins first drive: CB Byron Maxwell and ILB Mychal Kendricks. They both have good if raw replacements in Eric Rowe and Jordan Hicks, respectively, but the roster is getting dangerously thin, even as Washington is grinding out long drive after long drive while the Birds can’t sustain a drive.

And Bennie Logan looked “uncomfortable” after the second drive, which might have been some kind of injury or simply exhaustion by that point. He kept playing, though.

The defense is playing remarkably stout (with a couple of bad exceptions) despite fatigue and a tough run game by Washington. But they’re already looking winded, and any further injuries could be devastating.

On offense, the news is even worse. Matt Tobin was already struggling in place of Andrew Gardner. Then Jason Peters went out after reinjuring his quad, which had left him questionable for the rest of the game. He started but was having a lot of trouble on the first drive sliding and blocking edge rushers. The effects are obvious — Bradford has rushers on him almost immediately on a lot of plays.

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36 Responses

      1. I also wonder is the HOF in Canton will say they made a mistake putting Diddy (Duddy ?) in and kick him out . He is 0 and 4 with his straight picks and said to Kelly a$$ kisser Cataldi that in the end Kelly will have a much better Eagle tenure than Reid. And the human hemorrhoid Eskin must be depressed; not with them losing, but Chip did not call him “Howard” at the Depress conference.

  1. Hahahaha! These stupid Eagles fans will blame Amaro for the losing. It couldn’t happen to a nicer fanbase. I love it.

    The truth of the matter is that the Phillies will be a force to reckon with in 2016-17. Bullshit 16 game schedule Eagles will be a distant memory.

      1. I’m not a Cowboys fan, idiot. I’m a Phillies fan that loathes Eagles fans. Get it right. You are probably 12. Do you homework.


  3. People with a lot of vowels in their last name are going to be blaming me for Chip Kelly being a stupid asshole tomorrow.

        1. You truly are 12 years old. The media told you all people in Philly against the Eagles are Cowboys fans and you believe it.

          This is what I talk about when I tell you all that Philly is stupid when it comes to football.

  4. Eagles fan before this year: “Get rid of Amaro. He sucks. Terrible GM. Get rid of Ryan Howard. He sucks”

    Eagles fan now: “Get rid of Kelly. He sucks, Terrible GM and coach. Get rid of Sam Bradford. He sucks.”

    I laugh at you all, you fucks. Enjoy your swallow.

  5. Who here has ever played “kill the man with the ball” as kids and watching the Eagles offense strongly reminds them of the game?

  6. Hey fuckhole sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppp……has anyone got ten Chip c0ck out of their mouth…have fun going 5-11…But Gay Jeffy will take all your money….hahahahah FUCK OFF.
    Suck my dick

  7. I’m a middle-aged, friendless loser who is obsessed with Eagles fans and argues with them all day, every day on the internet.

  8. 5-11? What are you smoking? The Redskins are terrible but obviously not as terrible as the birds. At most, 4 wins and I’m thinking more like 2 wins.

    1. Thank God, I can get away from all these rabid Eagles’ fans. I belong to Squires, an all male golf club with a fantastic bath house. Maybe, I’ll call Howie and Joe Banner to come over and that I am sorry I fell for the Woodchipper.

  9. you punkass bitch eagle fans may as well off yourselves now. your team peaked last week and its all downhill from there. 1-15 lol

  10. Tries to prove he is a fan by being upset over loss. The guy has lived here for 5 minutes. Stop pretending that this is your team.

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