More People in Philly Watched Mets-Dodgers Than Flyers Home Opener Last Night

Call it, the Chase Utley bump.

The NFL killed it because the NFL always kills it, so that’s to be expected. But further proving that Chase Utley is still incredibly popular, a wildly-hyped game involving him – in which he didn’t even play because his manager is a ring-less vagine – with non-local teams, a third of which aired on a channel it wasn’t event scheduled for *, received higher overnight ratings than the Flyers’ home opener.** Then again, so did the WWE.

*What is wrong with Major League Baseball? They finally have some #buzz and momentum, not to mention great technology products, and they have the most hyped game all season airing two hours and 30 minutes into another game (Cubs-Cardinals) that is obviously going to take longer than that, on the same channel! So the game is bumped to TNT, but not even listed as such. Playoff games on Monday afternoons, marquee matchups overlapping other games and buried on secondary stations… and they wonder why baseball struggles with the younger demo. Get your shit together.

**Rightfully so. If you even considered watching the Flyers game or NFL game over the MLB playoffs last night, I’m not sure we’d be friends.


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  1. Solid win last night for the Flyers. I missed the Monday Night Commercial Game. Chase is a beast.

    1. You fuckin moron Chase Utley is a washed up has been and your fanboy ass is calling him a beast(loser).

      1. “Whah my name is Phil Allen and sometimes me and Ruben Tejada kiss when no one is looking”

  2. Come by on Saturday to Colonial Nissan and meet Reeta Houghes as she does her famous walk of shame.

  3. I watched better tv last nigth because I don’t wanna watch the Mets win by double digits. Enough of these lame utley/dodgers posts from you Kyle. Even Dodgers fans don’t care about this series.

  4. Kyle would rather get the Flyers pumped up by crying to taylor swift songs between periods.

  5. Did you see the lineup the Flyers trotted out? I was in the stadium and even I wanted to watch baseball instead.

    1. You weren’t at the game, I can confirm this. Instead you were at home blowing your boyfriend.

    2. Hockey and basketball are played in arenas, baseball and football are played in stadiums, it’s obvious someone doesn’t pay attention to general knowledge info from missanelli.

  6. So you don’t blog about the Flyers game at all, even though they won and actually played well. Then you do a blog shitting on them…

    I am surprised you didn’t bash Tim P on this as well, since thats your whole Flyers gimmick.

    The only thing you are good for is radio wars and even that sucks now because of how pro 97.5 you are in your reporting.

    Basically what I am saying is, this site is a joke.

  7. I don’t understand the obsession with ratings by fans as some of the highest rated shows are some of the biggest crap on TV. When Survivor, The Kardashians, and Jersey Shore get big ratings, you to question the taste of the American public.

    I’m a Flyers fan (along with Eagles, Sixers & Phillies fan) and hockey will always be a niche sport with a loyal following. Who cares? I hate that the NFL has gotten so popular as there is damn commercial every change of possession and they now have embraced every fantasy football idiot out there so I have to see a constant ticker to remind me that Megatron has 7 catches for 98 yards.

  8. Flyers fans can’t afford cable, but they will always have their Broad Street Bullies Vhs on

  9. Bet more people watched me fuck shit up on sunday than watched the dodgers (royally) fuck shit up on Monday. That includes football too.

  10. Of course you watch the flyers game over the other options… it’s a fairly simple formula…

    All philly sports programming takes precedent over any other sport….

    Within philly sports any philly playoff game takes precedent over regular season. .. a phillies playoff game in Oct (we don’t need to worry about that for awhile ) is watched over an eagles game…

    A flyers or sixer playoff game is more than a phillies game…

    I’d rather watch a flyers or sixer regular season game over a nfl playoff game with no eagles

  11. If i switch to the baseball game for 2 outs in the whole game does that count as me watching?

  12. To Flyers Fans, All 17,00 of you;

    Go ahead and watch baseball. You’re still paying Comcast whether or not you watch Sportsnet, the crap channel that brought you the BOB. Comcast swindles the money off you to give to me. Remember, I am the original swindler. And don’t mouth off or I will put my boy, Jay from the first wife back in charge. Remember the disaster he made the Flyers when he was running the team. Fast Eddie.

  13. Hockey season starts after Christmas. Any fan will tell you that.

    Plus playoffs are 6 months long.

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