Call it, the Chase Utley bump.

The NFL killed it because the NFL always kills it, so that’s to be expected. But further proving that Chase Utley is still incredibly popular, a wildly-hyped game involving him – in which he didn’t even play because his manager is a ring-less vagine – with non-local teams, a third of which aired on a channel it wasn’t event scheduled for *, received higher overnight ratings than the Flyers’ home opener.** Then again, so did the WWE.

*What is wrong with Major League Baseball? They finally have some #buzz and momentum, not to mention great technology products, and they have the most hyped game all season airing two hours and 30 minutes into another game (Cubs-Cardinals) that is obviously going to take longer than that, on the same channel! So the game is bumped to TNT, but not even listed as such. Playoff games on Monday afternoons, marquee matchups overlapping other games and buried on secondary stations… and they wonder why baseball struggles with the younger demo. Get your shit together.

**Rightfully so. If you even considered watching the Flyers game or NFL game over the MLB playoffs last night, I’m not sure we’d be friends.