Phillies Officially Announce Matt Klentak as New GM

Matt Klentak will be presented as the Phillies’ new GM to the media at a press conference in just about an hour, and we’ll finally have good pictures of him to use when he screws up in the future.

Klentak, at 35, will be the youngest GM in the team history. I assume that picture above is recent. Either that, or it’s from his high school typing class. Andy MacPhail, whose first major move as team president is hiring Klentak, had this to say:

“In Matt we found an executive with the keen ability to understand cutting-edge baseball analytics, coupled with superior scouting, player development and leadership skills. Additionally, his commitment and resolve to build the foundation for a championship-caliber team was evident every step of the way through the process. I trust Matt to lead the Phillies as we all rededicate ourselves to return championship baseball to Philadelphia.”

“Cutting-edge baseball analytics”? “Player development”? “The process … trust”? BAHHGAWD, KING, THAT’S SAM HINKIE’S MUSIC!

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16 Responses

  1. THANK YOU JIM !!!! about time we get a real story on this site… Do you really think anyone cares about those brutes who lost last night…. I don’t think so… sorry boys, but Philly is most def a baseball town… mmmm sorry…

  2. Who is the biggest embarrassment?

    A. Jim Addair
    B. Donald Trump
    C. Chip Kelly
    D. All of the Above

    1. E. Anthony Gargano
      F. Angelo Cataldi
      G.Matt Lombardo
      H. Michael Barkann
      I. Howard Eskin

      All of the above are ass kissing green kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly lapdogs who continually make excuses for the Barney Rubble looking Chip Kelly.

          1. S. Chickies and Pete’s
            T. Pete, the owner
            U. Josh Huff
            V. Jason Kelce
            W. Phillies TV announcers

  3. Ever notice how Josh Innes will rip everything about the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, etc…However, the guy will never rip a food place. I saw him once eat a whole pizza and Reeta Houghes in the same same night.

  4. This is a good move. Finally a step on the right direction. Hate to see people lose their jobs, but I hope he cleans out the scouting department for some young blood.

      1. He picked Ava to go down on four of our five offensive linemen, but after a slow start, I understand that she actually slurped all five.

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